Weekend Book Haul (Part 2)

I’m very late posting this but… Time to continue on with my book haul. If you missed part 1, you can check it out here. I bought all these books with coupons! Gosh, who doesn’t love coupons, when it comes to buying books? That hardly ever happens! XD

I broke my book buying ban a lot lately…but I have no regrets! ^______^ But now I gotta get serious because April is soon and the North Texas Teen Book Festival is less than a month away! 😀

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Owlcrate’s March 2016 Unboxing!

Yay! More March goodies!

I discovered Owlcrate, a monthly young adult book subscription box, last year. I’m sure you’ve heard all about different types of subscription boxes because there are just so many. Anything from hair and make-up products, gaming, food, and dog or cat boxes… But of course, I have a book subscription box! 🙂

The box itself is $29.99 plus shipping and handling (depending on where you live). I subscribe just about every other month. Each box for Owlcrate is themed, and some themes I don’t care for so that’s why I don’t subscribe to that particular month.

I decided to wait at least a week to post anything but if you haven’t received your Owlcrate this month, don’t read on because there are spoilers for the box! And of course, if you don’t care about spoilers, keep reading! 😀

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Review: “Bookishly Ever After” by Isabel Bandeira

Surprise! It’s Sunday. I normally don’t post on Sundays but I simply couldn’t resist telling you all about this book I just finished last night; I had to write a review and share it with y’all! It’s too cute not to share really, and I’m seriously thinking about purchasing a physical copy of this book.

A shoutout to Netgalley.com and Spencer Hill Press for allowing me to read this book! It’s adorable and I found myself relating to the main character so much, I thought we were the same person at one point.

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Reviews: “Between Shades of Gray” & “Legend”

This might be a long post but I finished these books at the same time and just thought it’s be easier to review them together!

I wanted to read something by Ruta Sepetys because I’ve seen her other book floating around the book world now. I love Marie Lu’s “The Young Elites” series so I knew I had to read her other series as well!

These two authors are also going to be at the North Texas Teen Book Festival at the end of April, and that may have had something to do with why I’m reading these books… 😉


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Weekend Book Haul (Part 1)

Happy Monday!

After a week of spring break, I’m back at work today. I won’t get another break until July when I’m off the entire month! Gosh, I love working for a school district. It means I get almost all of the breaks that the students get. It’s a lifesaver, really because they always seem to come at a time when you really need them. 🙂

Anywho, a few weeks ago, I put myself on a book buying ban to save up money for the North Texas Teen Book Festival at the end of April. Unfortunately, I broke the ban this past weekend because I got a bunch of coupons to Half-Priced Books (which has now become one of my favorite bookstores). Monday of last week through Sunday (yesterday), I received coupons, ranging from 20% – 50% off an item. I took advantage of the 40% and 50% off coupons to buy a few books that have been sitting on my “to buy” list for a long while now.

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March’s Most Anticipated Release!

Guys. It’s March. (Well, it’s halfway through March but…) Not only does that that bring the  spring season, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter, it also brings this…

The Winner's Kiss

The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski, the final book in The Winner’s Curse trilogy!

And you know what? My heart can’t handle it. I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation, and I’m pretty sure my heart will explode, and all the feels will happen. It’s true. I unashamedly gave the first book 4 stars, and the second one a 5-star rating which I rarely give but The Winner’s Crime was flawless. Truth.

I read this series last year, and loved it. Truthfully, there aren’t many series I fall head over heels for, but this is one of them. The covers are gorgeous!

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Say hello to my bookshelves!

Ah, my very first blog post! Whaaaaat?! (Livejournal, Xanga, you are so in the past now.)

Truthfully, I’ve thought a lot about a blog recently. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to update it often but lately, I keep telling myself that I do things for me, not to please people. Besides that, I love books and what a better way to get the word out then to write about it?

I’m not the best photographer, the fastest reader, or the most articulate writer. My goal isn’t 10k+ followers or to be put in the spotlight. Of course, if that happens, I’ll be pleased but isn’t my top priority. My focus is to recommend and review the books I read in hopes that you pick up the same book and love it just like I did! (Or you might not love it, and that’s okay too!)

I started a bookstagram about 8 months ago. “What’s that?” you ask. Well, it’s an Instagram page dedicated wholly to books. I focus mine on what I’m reading, what I plan to read, and what I want to read, along with a few random pictures of my bookshelves, my weekend book hauls, and various other book-related things. (If you’re still clueless, feel free to look up #bookstagram on Instagram–you won’t be disappointed.)

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