Say hello to my bookshelves!

Ah, my very first blog post! Whaaaaat?! (Livejournal, Xanga, you are so in the past now.)

Truthfully, I’ve thought a lot about a blog recently. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to update it often but lately, I keep telling myself that I do things for me, not to please people. Besides that, I love books and what a better way to get the word out then to write about it?

I’m not the best photographer, the fastest reader, or the most articulate writer. My goal isn’t 10k+ followers or to be put in the spotlight. Of course, if that happens, I’ll be pleased but isn’t my top priority. My focus is to recommend and review the books I read in hopes that you pick up the same book and love it just like I did! (Or you might not love it, and that’s okay too!)

I started a bookstagram about 8 months ago. “What’s that?” you ask. Well, it’s an Instagram page dedicated wholly to books. I focus mine on what I’m reading, what I plan to read, and what I want to read, along with a few random pictures of my bookshelves, my weekend book hauls, and various other book-related things. (If you’re still clueless, feel free to look up #bookstagram on Instagram–you won’t be disappointed.)

Today I’m featuring 2 of my favorite shelves: not because I arrange my books in a certain way (alphabetical, I’m a traditionalist 😉 ) but because it’s my Harry Potter shelf, while the other features my Doctor Who Funko Pop!s.


If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, you must. It is gorgeous illustrations and a perfect memorbilia for a fan! Of course, I have my Harry Potter Funko Pop!s–Ron, Hermione, and Harry in his Quidditch robes. There’s also a lovely set of metal Hogwarts bookmarks (the husband bought these for me since my dog likes to chew my bookmarks). Behind these bookmarks are lovely prints from Owlcrate’s September box of our favorite witch. 😉

You can’t see it very well, but there’s a Gryffindor pen by Harry and the gang, and setting on some books is a wand I received when I turned 16 (because who wants a car?) by Alivan’s. Harry and the gang stand on lovely editions from the Hogwarts library, The Tales of Beedle the BardFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Quidditch through the Ages.

In terms of books, Red Queen and Six of Crows sit behind all that, unread. ^_^’ Shame on me, I know, but I promise I plan to read Red Queen soon! Victoria Aveyard, the author, will attend a book festival at the end of April, so I plan to get at least the first book in the series read. As for Six of Crows, I’ve heard so many good things but alas, I just haven’t gotten to it. 😀


Hello to the TARDIS and her Doctors! I was so thrilled to find the Ninth Doctor (with a banana in his right hand, you see it?!) and the Eleventh Doctor with his classic cop and fez. I actually have the Tenth Doctor, too, but he’s currently on my desk at work. 🙂 As for the Adipose, Husband couldn’t resist buying it! Too adorable!

Red Rising by Piece Brown is also unread. I’ve also heard good things about that series too. I’m actually slowly working my way through my TBR and I’ll get to it soon, too. ^____^ The Brontë sisters also sit on the shelf, and a great high fantasy series called The Green Rider by Kristen Britain.

Well, I hope I haven’t bored you! I’ll feature more shelves in the future (as they are ever-growing) and I’ll make a post about my “currently reading” books.

I’m excited to immerse myself into the blogging world! Feel free to follow me on social media! Please let me know what books you read and what you’d like to see me blog about!

xoxo Nicole

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