Weekend Book Haul (Part 1)

Happy Monday!

After a week of spring break, I’m back at work today. I won’t get another break until July when I’m off the entire month! Gosh, I love working for a school district. It means I get almost all of the breaks that the students get. It’s a lifesaver, really because they always seem to come at a time when you really need them. 🙂

Anywho, a few weeks ago, I put myself on a book buying ban to save up money for the North Texas Teen Book Festival at the end of April. Unfortunately, I broke the ban this past weekend because I got a bunch of coupons to Half-Priced Books (which has now become one of my favorite bookstores). Monday of last week through Sunday (yesterday), I received coupons, ranging from 20% – 50% off an item. I took advantage of the 40% and 50% off coupons to buy a few books that have been sitting on my “to buy” list for a long while now.


The amazing Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas. I started this series last year and quickly fell in love with it, reading the following books just as quickly. I finished Queen of Shadows some weeks ago and loved it. (Crown of Midnight is by far my favorite in the series though and Heir of Fire being my least favorite). I actually don’t own any other book in the series but

If you love high fantasy, badass female characters, and just some crazy stuff happening basically all the time, you have to pick up the Throne of Glass series. If you have read the series, it’s just crazy to think how much the series has transformed from book 1 to the current book, Queen of Shadows.

The 5th book of the series is titled Empire of Storms and is set to release in September of this year. I can’t imagine what Maas has in store for her readers but I’m thrilled to find out! You can read my review of Queen of Shadows here.


What can I say about this series? I picked up The Young Elites, the 1st book in the series, on a whim, and let me just say I was blown away! I had heard great things about Lu’s Legend trilogy, which I’m currently listening to as an audiobook, and I’m enjoying it (but that’ll be another post…). I gobbled up The Rose Society soon after too.

I’ve never struggled so much to like a main character. Adelina Amouteru, the main character, is such a complex character but seriously, I just about hated her in The Rose Society. Don’t let that deter you away from reading this series though! It’s high fantasy with a slew of likable characters, and it left me wondering what exactly is going to happen in book 3! If you’re a fan of fantasy with an Italian flare, bursts of magic, and teens with strange abilities (think X-Men), give this series a go!

You can find my review for The Rose Society here.


Omg, I hardly ever buy brand new books. That is, I’m such a thrifter and I go to used bookstores all the time, scrounging around for books, deals, bargains, and sales. But alas…coupons and books put together make me do weird things. XD

Also, do you see that blurb from Diana Gabaldon, bestselling author of the Outlander series?! I mean, I seriously couldn’t resist. Scotland? Time travel? And in a young adult genre? Okay, you got me!

I’ve read mixed reviews on it but that hasn’t deterred my interests. Also, I just wanted to spoil myself with some new reads!

And the last one (for now)…


I normally don’t pick up non-fiction books but this one sounds incredibly interesting. I’m an introvert myself, and I’ve recently seen this floating around the book world so I thought I’d pick it up! God knows when I’ll get to this though! Perhaps I’ll suggest this to my book club girlies the next time we meet…

Well, that’s it for me! My haul was–erm–rather large so I decided to break it down into 2 parts. 🙂 I’ll post part 2 later in the week!

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