Review: “Legend of Rhyme” series, Books 1 – 3

A few months ago, I requested a middle grade fantasy novel on Netgalley called Elora of Stone, book 1 in the Legend of Rhyme series. I was contacted a few days later by an agent who gave me access to not only book 1 but also books 2 & 3! I was so pleased at the opportunity.

I wrote all my reviews on Goodreads but since I finished the books I was given, I decided to write a full (spoiler-free) review here. I haven’t read a middle grade novel in a very long time and this series was fun and quick to read.

Also, did I mention there are unicorns?

Title(s): Elora of Stone; Into Coraira; Teagan of Tomorrow
Author: Jaime Lee Mann
Publisher: Blue Moon Publishers
Release date(s): December 2, 2014; May 8th, 2015; October 2015, respectively.
Length: 206 pages (paperback); 202 pages (paperback); 144 pages (Kindle), respectively.
Genre: Middle grade, fantasy

My rating: 3/5 stars (for all three)

This series tells the story of a pair of twins, Asher and Ariana, who were separated when they turned 4. Asher was kidnapped by a goblin, leaving his mother and father nearly inconsolable. His father no longer performed magic and his mother, a pure heart (someone who is incapable of doing evil), is no longer as happy as she once was.

Nearly 10 years go by. Ariana (and consequently, Asher) is now 13. She’s always felt that Asher was never dead (twin connection, you know?) and when she discovers him right under her feet–literally–she manages to help him escape the goblin’s lair. Now reunited, the twins learn they have magical abilities, and only they have the power to stop an evil darkness that threatens to spread over the Island of Rhyme before it’s too late.

What I truly love about these novels is they are just so enchanting. Mann says she would tell her children stories at bedtime and these stories eventually became this series. I can definitely tell and imagine how delighted and entranced a young child would be listening to this story because there are just so many great elements to it: magical creatures (unicorns are my fav ❤ but there’s also faeries, pixies, mermaids, dragons, and goblins!), magic, and–something I loved the most–a strong bond between two siblings.

Another great thing about these novels is that they pick up one right after the other. And the third book, Teagan of Tomorrow, introduces a brand new teenaged girl who has ties to the twins, Asher and Ariana. That was fun to read and watch it unfold.

I’m so used to reading YA books that reading a middle grade books makes me realize how much they lack in some areas–which is fine and all since the target audience is a different age group. There’s a lot of background information and depth (is that even the right word?) lacking but for me, it didn’t deter too much from the actual story.

It was a pleasant read overall!

You can read my full review on Goodreads here: Elora of Stone; Into Coraira; and Teagan of Tomorrow.

Thanks again to Netgalley and Blue Moon Publishers for allowing me to read this! It was a fun romp through fantasy land!


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