Non-bookish Post #1: 10 Facts about me!

Meep. Sometimes I feel conceited doing a post entirely about me, let alone a non-bookish post! 😮 But I’ve had this blog for over a month now (!!!) and sometimes the ‘About Me’ section just isn’t enough.

I seriously won’t be offended if you skip this entire post. XD So here goes!

  1. I’m half-Korean and very proud. 🙂 My mom’s Korean, my mother-in-law is also Korean, making–yes–my husband half-Korean, too! I’ve never been to South Korea though. 😦
  2. I’m a Christian. Sometimes I don’t like to talk about it because media’s portrayal of Christians isn’t particularly good. No, I won’t “shove my beliefs down your throat.” My belief as a Christian stems largely from a profoundly personal moment in my life. I was in a very dark place 10 years ago, very dark in that it took me years to recover but I am now at a point where I can look back and say I learned from the experience to become not only a better person but also a–erm, more “enlightened” Christian if you choose to say. (If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂 )
  3. I’m an Anglophile. It’s true and I feel no shame. I particularly love the Cambridges. I’ve loved all things British since I was young, about middle school. I honeymooned in  England for 10 days. It was glorious.
    the cambridges
  4. I love my job! Sure, you might roll your eyes at that statement but it’s true, I do. I’ve only worked at my job for around 8 months but I enjoy my co-workers and I have a fantastic boss. 🙂
  5. I’m currently working on two of my own books. I’ve been working on them both for years. They’re like my children but I always get super embarrassed when someone asks me about them. XD I’ve had so many drafts but essential things have stayed the same. I’ve worked hard over the last few months, working through drafts and polishing. Maybe one day I’ll seek publication.
  6. I own a dog. He’s a Shih Tzu named Ollie. He’s two, and I lovingly refer to him as my fur-child. I mean, who could resist this face?
  7. I’ve been reading and writing since I was in elementary school. I’ve always loved doing both, but never took it very seriously until I was in high school. I changed my major once in college, switching from an international language degree to English and creative writing. I don’t regret it because I rediscovered my love for writing then.
  8. I used to read a lot of manga, especially in middle and high school. I don’t know why I don’t read it that much anymore… I think it’s sort of just transitioned to comics and graphic novels. 😛 My favorite of all time is Sailor Moon.


  9. I like to bake. I’m not amazing nor am I the best decorator but I have a massive sweet tooth. Ever since I started working again, I haven’t been able to bake as much as I used to but I feel a cake or some scones coming on…
  10. I’m an introvert! Is this shocking? LOL I took one of those fancy tests and I’m actually an INFJ.

Okay, so this was supposed to be non-bookish but it just seems my life revolves around books to much, lol. XD

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