Organize (those bookshelves)!

At one point, my bookshelves overflowed. Is that even surprising? I just kept buying books when I didn’t have room and stored them haphazardly on my shelves until it looked like a whirlwind swept through.

I wish I had a “before” picture to show you but I do have an “after” picture, and I can’t stop staring. ❤ (I think that’s just the neat freak in me).

I actually organized my shelves in a particular way outside of alphabetical order. I always to ABC order because I just like that form of organization. 🙂 But this time I decided to make a fiction and a non-fiction “section” on my shelves. I have two 5-shelf bookshelves and a small 3-shelf one. I need to get another 5-shelf one but my husband wants it to match the other shelves but we’re having a hard time finding the same shelves because we bought them like 3 years ago. ^_^’

Ever since I did reorganize I found some of the most popular books on one shelf!


Marie Lu, Sarah J. Maas, Tahereh Mafi, Richelle Mead, Marissa Meyer… And all the books are so pretty and lovely. ❤ This is a great YA shelf! (This also features books I haven’t read yet… But we won’t talk about that. 😉 )


And here’s what’s on the tiny 3-shelf bookshelf. It also features some great books (which I haven’t read yet–do you see a theme here? 😀 ) and my tiny little non-fiction section.


I mentioned in my previous post that I like British things, including the royal family, so this shelf is a hodgepodge of just that. I always mean to collect and read more non-fiction but my TBR pile is already large… I hope to add the late French and Russian here, too. There was also a time I loved everything “Downton Abbey,” hence the books like Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey, To Marry an English Lord, and Below Stairs.

Welp, that’s it! I wish I could have captured a nice picture of all my shelves together but…they’re just so large and truthfully, the dark wood makes it look…well, dark. XD I can’t convince my husband that I want white shelves because it looks very bright and clean. Gosh, I dust these shelves so often anyways though.

See anything you like? How do you organize your bookshelves?



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