Book buying ban…broken!

Ah, alliteration, I love it! 😀

Alas! I did break my book buying ban because I just can’t help myself! I mean, when you come across a great deal, do you really pass it by? (Okay, sometimes I do and sometimes I walk through the entire store carrying the item I want to buy but then put it back at the last minute only to go home and slightly regret it. I’m not the only one, right? Right?)

So yes, I did ban myself from buying books due to the North Texas Teen Book Festival this weekend but like I said, I found some great books at a good price and I even had a coupon! That seems to be a running theme with me…



I haven’t read Maggie Stiefvater’s The Wolves of Mercy Falls series but I now own the first three books in the series. I love Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle so of course I just had to get her other series. I haven’t come across a decent (used) copy of The Scorpio Races but I heard it’s good.

As for Rebel Springs and Gathering Darkness, I started the Falling Kingdoms series not liking it! I don’t know if I was in some sort of weird haze but I pushed through up to Frozen Tides which is my favorite book so far. I’m excited for Crystal Storms, and just because I can, here’s the cover. Guess who’s on it? ❤

crystal storm

Oh, wait that’s beside the point… 😉


On a non-YA note, I bought these historical fiction books. I’ve already read All the Light We Cannot See and I loved it so much. I’ve seen The Nightingale floating around too and it has a similar setting to Doerr’s book and has such great reviews on Goodreads so  I hope I’m not disappointed!

I also received some book mail so I can take them with me to get signed (hopefully) when I head down to the book festival this weekend!


I’m just so excited for all this and to meet the authors of some of my favorite books! If you’re at the book festival on Saturday, you may see me floating around if you look hard enough! 😉

But I am so determined to put myself on a real book buying band because adulting… ^_^’

I’ll make sure to write a post about my book festival experience and share pictures because I plan to take a lot! 🙂




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