#NTTBF16 – North Texas Teen Book Festival

I survived my first book festival! You might have heard me talking about this thing for the past view weeks called the North Texas Teen Book Festival. I mean, just look at that author list? And the panels? Could one even resist? Goodness, I couldn’t! And let me tell you that if I could run around with all those middle schoolers and high schoolers, you can too! But of course, there were such a variety of ages that it made me less anxious about loving YA. 🙂

I went to some awesome panels which included some of my favorite authors (I basically stalked some authors because I just happened to go to most of their panels because they all sounded so interesting!), and I got some of my favorite books signed! It was such a blast and I learned a lot as a reader and a writer. The authors offered great advice and it was overall a fun day!

I also realized that I don’t know how to speak around famous people. The awkward introvert side of me comes out and I just sound like a blubbering fool. XD

Prepare for pictures!

I attended this festival because they had such an amazing line of authors. Authors whose books I’ve read, heard of, or just plain loved! Victoria Aveyard, Marie Rutkoski, Marie Lu, Claudia Gray, Mary E. Pearson, Rachel Caine just to name a few! And what’s great is that it wasn’t geared just towards YA readers but there were also a lot of middle grade writers as well but I don’t read a lot of MG lit so… 😀

So I basically stalked Marie Rutkoski and went to nearly all of her panels. I mean, GUYS, this is the author who wrote one of your FAVORITE series. What else could I do? I followed her and Rachel out of their first panel (and mine) and sneakily and politely asked for a photo, which they agreed to as long as I was quick!

marie and rachel


And I went on my way to panel after panel…


This was a panel called “The Pawn: Political games with royalty usually lead to trouble.” Unfortunately, I haven’t read anything by Cindy Pon, Elissa Sussman, or Becky Wallace. I’ll check out their books later though. Possibly. 😉


See? More Marie! lol But also, LOOK, Claudia Gray! She really seems like the coolest and I wanna be her friend so bad! This panel was called “Now That I’m without You Kisses, I’ll Be Needing Stitches: We had the right love at the wrong time.” I mean, who comes up with these clever panel names? I want that job. LOL When Claudia signed my books, she said she recognized me and I told her I went to one of her panels. She was late the panel above because she was eating lunch! Haha. I told her the Firebird series was great and the covers were beautiful! She asked me if I’ve seen the third book cover and I said of course!


Here’s another panel with Victoria Aveyard but there’s Holly Black, too! Andrea Cremer, Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows, and Caragh O’Brien. This one was called “Flights of Fantasy: You know nothing, Jon Snow, but these authors do.” Of course I had to go because fantasy is my favorite genre to read and write.

I learned some great writing advice from all of these panels. Some of favorite pieces of advice were:

You have to write through the hard stuff. Write when you don’t feel like it. Write all the “bad” words because bad words are better than writing no words. 

Your book may not be the most popular, but it’s affecting someone. It could be comforting someone during a hard time. Helping someone relate to a situation in their own life.

Authors do not have any say in who is cast in adaptations of their book. I say this because a fan asked one of the authors this question: If you could cast a particular actor as a character in your book, who would it be? The authors had great things to say: They don’t have an idea because they already have a person in mind and that person isn’t an actor or whoever we think. I also think this is important because we get angry when an actor in an adaption isn’t how we imagined them to be.

Around 3:30, I went to stand with a mob of people to get my book signed. I had to get a ticket in order to get my books by Marie Lu signed and my husband was so fantastic and waited in line for almost 2 hours. 🙂


I was SO excited! I think I was telling her how much I loved The Young Elites series and that the third book’s cover is gorgeous. She was SO nice too! EEEEEEEK. *fangirls*


Here’s me meeting Victoria Aveyard! And being super awkward! Because I don’t know how to talk to people, let alone famous people. XD She was so nice as well but the line to get books signed were so long that my husband stood in line for me. 🙂 Instead of the 3 book limit (number of books to get signed), it went down to 2 books due to the line, but I managed to get both Red Queen and Glass Sword signed! Huzzah!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures with Marie Rutkoski or Claudia Gray. My husband is the one behind the camera and he wasn’t with me while I got their book signed. I brought The Kiss of Deception and The Heart of Betrayal with me but Pearson’s line closed before I could get to it! Maybe another time… 😉

Anyways, I had a blast! It was my first book festival and first time getting any book signed! I was so glad that I went even though I ate like a pig afterwards and passed out in the hotel room. My back was sore too but it was all incredibly worth it!

If you love books and you have some favorite authors, go meet them and get your books signed! They were all so nice and I just want to be friends with all of them. 😀 ❤

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