Review: “Reign of Shadows” (Reign of Shadows, #1) by Sophie Jordan

devoured this book. A Rapunzel retelling? I mean, hello.


Okay, except imagine this tower being in a forest known as the Black Woods and then covered in perpetual darkness with scary monsters coming out of the ground.

Sound intriguing? Well, that’s basically Reign of Shadows. 🙂 Also, the author and I share a last name. Well, it was my maiden name but still. Bonus points! XD

reign of shadows

Title: Reign of Shadows (Reign of Shadows, #1)
Author: Sophie Jordan
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release date: February 9, 2016
Length: 304 pages (hardcover)
Genre: Young adult, fantasy, romance, retelling
Synopsis: (from Goodreads) “Seventeen years ago, an eclipse cloaked the kingdom of Relhok in perpetual darkness. In the chaos, an evil chancellor murdered the king and queen and seized their throne. Luna, Relhok’s lost princess, has been hiding in a tower ever since. Luna’s survival depends on the world believing she is dead.

But that doesn’t stop Luna from wanting more. When she meets Fowler, a mysterious archer braving the woods outside her tower, Luna is drawn to him despite the risk. When the tower is attacked, Luna and Fowler escape together. But this world of darkness is more treacherous than Luna ever realized.

With every threat stacked against them, Luna and Fowler find solace in each other. But with secrets still unspoken between them, falling in love might be their most dangerous journey yet.”

My rating: 4/5 stars

I was not into this book until about 40 pages in. I won’t say why because it’s definitely a spoiler but right after I found that out, the book really picked up for me and I wanted it to be longer. It ended too soon for me.

I love the entire concept of this story. I haven’t read the actual Rapunzel fairytale and all I’ve got in my head right now is Disney’s “Tangled” and this song. I love the dark twist Jordan added because it makes the story so much more interesting. I can’t vouch for the authenticity of Luna’s condition but I’m playing the “suspended disbelief” card. Regardless, it doesn’t take away from the story, and I have my own conclusions about the actual series will end but who knows! Meep!

The world-building was nice but I do wish for more details. I imagine we’ll get that later in the series when Luna and Fowler reach their destination. I’m crossing my fingers that stuff will hit the ceilings when that happens, too.

The only downside I have towards this book is that it did end too quickly for me. Some things felt rush and I just felt that the author could have added a few more chapters, maybe at least of the characters reaching their destination.

And the romance… Just meh. It was sort of insta-love and I’m not ever sure how I feel about that. In some cases, I might like it, but here, not so much. Luna has been in a tower all of her 17 years and Fowler is hellbent on not attaching himself to anyone. I feel like you might already see how this will work.

Overall though, I did enjoy the book. It was a quick and easy read, a fun ride, and I look forward to the rest of the books in the series.

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