Late May book haul!

Ah, okay, so I should really start making monthly book hauls. I tell myself not to buy any more books but it’s hard to resist going into any store, seeing something you want, and then not buy it. Besides…it’s there…and it’s 50% off? I mean, c’mon. We all know I love deals. 😀 But even more so when it comes to books!

One of my favorite book stores (Half-Price Books) was having a Memorial Day sale of 20% off your entire purchase. Hastings also had a Memorial Day sale where if you buy 1 used book, you got 2 for $1 each. I mean, I couldn’t resist that really and I just found some great deals! It was a great weekend for books! 🙂 (I mean, what’s not a great weekend for books, really?)


I started with a love/hate relationship with the Falling Kingdom series. I didn’t really care for the first three books in the series but I read Frozen Tides not too long ago and really liked it. I kept saying that I must have been in a weird haze when I read the first three books and I surprised myself (and others) when I stuck through ’til book 4. Now I’m looking forward to book 5 like no one’s business. And since we’re on the subject, let’s just gander at the beauty of Magnus the book cover.

crystal storm

I’m branching out in the YA genre and reading some contemporaries because it’s my least-liked sub-genre in YA. That’s why I picked up Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson. It has over a 4-star rating on Goodreads and I normally trust those ratings though I have fallen for a few hyped books that I didn’t actually end up liking (this being one of them).

I haven’t even read the first book of the His Fair Assassin’s trilogy but it also has good reviews and I love the covers so…this was a bit of a no brainer for me. 😀 There are very few series that I leave unfinished anyways so I think I’d need this book in the future regardless, haha!


Meep! All these gorgeous books! All of them 20% off the tagged price! Meaning I got all these books for less than $8 each! It was seriously a good weekend for books.

I’ve wanted to get The Dark Days Club ever since it first came out but for some reason, it got put on the back burner of my mind repeatedly. The same thing goes for The Girl at Midnight and Magonia. The covers are all beautiful too!

I thought I’d give Stacey Lee a try with Under a Painted Sky. A gorgeous cover, diverse characters, and historical fiction. What’s not to love, really? If I like this book, I’ll read Outrun the Moon, too.

Fairest was an iffy buy. I haven’t even read The Lunar Chronicles (shame on me) but it’s #3.5 in the series and I knew I wasn’t going to take the time to get in from the library whenever I do actually start the series… Now I only need to buy 2, 3, and 3 of the series. Haha.

Revenge and the Wild is a western YA book. I don’t care for westerns in general but…that cover. And the synopsis. I’m actually looking forward to it. It was an impulse buy for sure. I saw it hiding in the “new” section which are usually retail price but sometimes the workers will misplace a book…and I think that’s what happened here because it was also not in the YA section of the “new” books anyways.

Welp. Now I’m going to go bury my nose in a book. I have so much to read. I decided that July will be when I actually read the books on my shelves because I seriously need to sort through the books I want to keep and books I can do away with because I didn’t like them as much as I originally thought.

Have you read any of these? Anything I should start first?

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