Discussion Post #1: E-reader vs. Physical books

That’s probably not the best title but hey, what can I do? I seriously suck so bad coming up with actual titles for things. Like I don’t even have real titles for any of my own books! ^_^’

I feel like this could be an endless discussion post and even a pretty common one but I think it’s always appropriate, especially with the rise in technology and other companies coming out with tech pads whose sole purpose isn’t for reading (like the Kindle or Nook).

I own a Kindle Fire. My husband bought it for me for Christmas the first year we were married. I toyed with it because it was just a new device for me to play with but then I sort of slushed it off to the side because I had all these physical books to read. Then I started getting a few ARCs sent directly to my Kindle and now I pick my Kindle up almost as frequently as any other physical book.

2016-04-01 19.22.07-1

Pros for my Kindle are:

  • SO MANY BOOKS in one place on one device. I think my Kindle is an 8 GB (I can’t remember)
  • Colors! Since it’s a Fire, it’s basically a tablet so I get color pictures!
  • Reading in the dark. I can adjust the brightness and change the background so I don’t even need a light to read!
  • Lightweight! This kind of goes along with so many books on once device. Instead of hauling around a huge book (say… Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas), I get this lightweight and compact device.
  • Reading multiple books at once. Of course, you can do that with physical copies but how easy is it to carry multiple books with you versus carrying one device?

2016-03-22 19.04.05-2


  • Battery life! My Kindle will last a few days with much use but of course, if it dies when I’m in the middle of a book or if I’m out and about, I don’t have anything to do!
  • Obsolete. Eventually, my Kindle Fire will become obsolete. It’s actually an older device regardless (and I’ve been thinking about getting a new one) but I think it may eventually die… Books don’t die!
  • Aesthetics. Physical books are nice to look at.  They look pretty just about anywhere. I mean, I have three shelves holding my books (not all of them, haha). My Kindle Fire  is pretty plain and it comes it one color…black! A newer version of the Kindle comes in 4 colors though.
  • Not easy to photograph! Can you see that glare in both the photos? Haha. I find it incredibly difficult trying NOT to get a glare on it! Not much luck…

Do you own an e-reader? How do you like it compared to physical copies of books? Discuss! I would love to see the e-reader love though. ❤


2 thoughts on “Discussion Post #1: E-reader vs. Physical books

  1. thriceread says:

    I have an e-reader that I love the idea of. However, I think I use the cloud reader on Amazon more than the Kindle itself. I find it is much more convenient to pull up a book on my phone or a computer than to have to carry my Kindle around. I prefer physical copies. But, the accessibility that ebooks give is awesome. I don’t have to worry about carrying a book around with me. Instead I can just use the app on my phone. A lot of times I will read the book electronically and then if I like it an know I will reread it or share it with a friend I will buy a physical copy. I think that having access to both is awesome and I wish they would start selling the ebooks for a discounted rate when you buy the physical book. There are so many times when I’m reading a book and I wish I brought it with me to read in the down time. I think if they paired the physical copies with ebooks it would be a wonderful marriage.

    Sorry for my long winded response. Haha. I just have LOTS of feelings bout this topic. 😉


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    • amyriadofbooks says:

      Oh, thanks for the comment! I find my Kindle easy to use when I’m taking super long trips or know I’ll finish a book before I have time to grab another one. I don’t use the app on my phone though. Too tiny writing strains my eyes. >_<

      I love long=winded posts! More things to discuss and getting to know people. ❤ Thanks for your thoughts!

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