Top Ten Tuesday: All about Audio(books)!

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So today’s TTT is all things audio. I could do 10 favorite audiobooks, albums, songs, bands, podcasts, whatever really. I’m going to focus on audiobooks. They don’t seem to get enough love but all the ones I’ve listened to are so good! And they really do a great job filling up the drive to and from work and home for me.

The Winner's Curse
The Winner’s Curse audiobook, narrated by Justine Eyre. I didn’t have time to do a full re-read before The Winner’s Kiss came out earlier this year. Fortunately, my library had a copy of the audiobook and wow, I was blown away! Eyre does a fantastic job narrating the story, giving life to each character. I love the portrayal of Kestrel the most. I want to listen to the 2nd book as well and I have the audiobook of the TWK which I hope to get to! You can check out my review of the audiobook here!

I recently finished Scarlet on audiobook and it’s fantastic, too! The narrator is Rebecca Soler and wow, I love her narration! When you’re dealing with this series, there are so many characters and Soler does a great job giving personality to each one. Although I have all the physical books, I think I’ll continue to listen to them on audiobook. You can check out my review of Cinder here. My review of Scarlet should be up within the next week.

Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown. I listened to this entire series on audiobook (thank to my local library)! The books themselves look so daunting. I also own physical copies of this book but when Red Rising sat on my shelf for months, I knew I had to take action and read them! This series is narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds and I like his use of varying accents with the different classes in this book. You can check out my review for each book here, here, and here! 🙂


I started listening to The Raven Boys narrated by Will Patton in preparation for The Raven King. While I didn’t get to listen to the rest of the series, I didn’t feel bad because I’ve read the entire series before the final book. Patton was the perfect narrator for this story. There’s something about his voice and the way he gave distinct accents to each of the characters. Seriously, I love the way he voiced the woman of 300 Fox Way! I’m tempted to listen to the rest of the series but… *looks at my TBR* Yeah…


I read Lu’s The Young Elites and The Rose Society before I even thought about picking up Legend. I own the entire series, too, but as it was sitting on my shelf for months and months, my next best option was to check out the audiobook from the library! The narrators for these, Mariel Stern as June and Steven Kaplan as Day, were great, too. I like that there was both a male and female narrator. It makes it more enjoyable than reading it physically since you really just have your own voice in your head as you read the books. And yes, I do plan to finish this series but… Ahhhh! All the books!

Although I’ve read both these books, I want to listen to them on audiobook. I met Sabaa Tahir at a book signing last week, and someone asked a question about the audiobooks. Do authors get to choose who narrates the books? She said that she was given a list of voice actors along with a voice clip and she was able to choose from those. Tahir also said that the voice actors for these books are perfect so straight from the author’s mouth, I gotta listen to these!

throne of glass

I would also love to listen to Throne of Glass on audiobook! I know nothing about the narrator or anything so… I’ll be going in blind but if the narrator is as good as all the other narrators from other book series, I don’t doubt that I’ll enjoy it! 🙂


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