Non-bookish post #7: My Dream Crate!

So a couple of weeks ago, I found out that Loot Crate wanted fans to put together their very own “dream crate,” its own theme, items, etc., and let me just say I was so excited to be approached & incredibly excited to put together a post!

If you don’t know anything about LootCrate, it’s a monthly subscription box. Like other sub boxes, it’s based around a theme and filled with various fandom items particular to that theme. Here’s a list of their past boxes and the items. So you can see it varies from crate to crate. What’s also great about LootCrate is that there are a variety of crates to choose from, whether you like gaming, anime, things for your pets, or just a crate filled with items to wear. Not only does LootCrate have particular crates but there are also fandom particular crates, too! This past November, they launched the Wizarding World Crate, which I bought, and loved! (I’ll post about that…eventually, haha!) But there’s also a Firefly Crate (Husband would love that) and a Sanrio crate (might need to get that for myself–after all, my birthday’s next month!)

Anyway, here’s the theme for my crate: “Fantasy Girl Power” and I’ve filled with a myriad of items I would absolutely love to receive or get for myself!

fight-like-a-girl-tee“Fight Like a Girl” T-Shirt by SUSHICORE on Society6

Man, oh man, the instant I saw this shirt, I knew I wanted it! Shamefully, I haven’t bought it yet but since Christmas is just around the corner, who knows!

I’ve been a big fan of Sailor Moon since I was in elementary school, so of course when they remade the show for its 20th anniversary, I was thrilled!


screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-3-25-32-pmVictorian Lady Cameo Brooch via Amazon inspired by Evie Frye of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

I am a huge Anglophile and I game on occasion. I started playing AC a few years ago, starting with the very first one on XBox 360. I soon feel in love and kept going, playing all of them but AC: Rogue. When I heard there was a Victorian-inspired AC, I knew I had to have it.

Husband surprised me by buying the game and the Jack the Ripper DLC. I played the game every waking moment, lol. So I’d like to think Evie Frye might wear this brooch.


Hermione Granger Funko Pop! || How can you go wrong with the girl who practically saved Ron and Harry’s butts for most of the series? 😛 She showed us that it’s okay to love books and there’s nothing wrong with being smart. Truly, one of the brightest witches of the age.

screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-3-36-18-pmWorld of Warcraft Night Elf laptop decal via Etsy

Recently, I started to put stickers/decals on my laptop and I love it because it makes people curious and it lets you know you aren’t alone in your fandoms. 😉

I’ve played Warcraft when it first came out as a RTS (real time strategy) game in the 90s, so of course when it became an RPGMMO, I dove right and played. While I haven’t played for a while now (too many late nights and no sleep, lol), I read up on the lore and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie released earlier this year.

the-mighty-thor-vol-1The Mighty Thor, Vol 1 via Marvel

Truth be told, Thor became my favorite “super hero” when he became a she. I absolutely love everything about this comic book series. The art is gorgeous, the storyline and plot are fantastic, too. I own a 111 of the very first issue and hold it in high regard. I would recommend this comic to any Thor fan or someone who wants more female superheroes!






Sword Art Online mug via Etsy

Okay, so this has Kirito on it too but who am I to complain? This anime was fantastic! Husband and I binged watch both seasons a few months back and both thoroughly enjoyed it!

Also, I need more mugs to fill with hot tea and hot chocolate.

Who doesn’t? Haha! XD
I tried desperately to find a replica of the notebook Noctis and Lunafreya used to communicate with each other via their dogs in FFXV but I can’t even find a good picture of it. 😦 But I need one of those, too! I’m a little over 50% done with the game and completely in love! ❤



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