Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving under My Tree

GUYS, how do I even choose?! My Amazon wishlist is always overflowing with books that I want need to buy that I would seriously be happy with any book from Santa! But I decided to keep it simply to 2016 or past releases since 2017 has a ginormous stack of books I want too!

Crystal Storm released last week and I haven’t bought it yet. Generally, I avoid buying books around the Christmas season in hopes that friends and family might be super kind and give me a box of books (hasn’t happened yet, haha). I read the latter two contemporaries and thoroughly enjoyed them and the tough issues content they addressed. As for CS, I’m excited to hold a book with Magnus on the cover! ❤

I was at the bookstore this past weekend, I saw Fan Art. Go read the synopsis because it sounds incredibly cute! I knew I had to add it to me “buy” pile. Also this weekend I could not for the life of me remember Places No One Knows byBrenna Yovanoff. I couldn’t remember the title or author’s name, only what the cover looked like. So I went to Barnes and Nobles, hoping to find it, but I didn’t. After much Google searching, I finally found it! Over the course of last week, the team behind the North Texas Teen Book Festival announced their author line-up, and wow, I’m blown away! Heidi is one of the many authors that will be there so of course, I had to add that book, too!

Lately, I’ve noticed I’m reading a few more contemporaries than normal. I’ve said before that I normally don’t like reading them but I think this stems from reading contemps I haven’t enjoyed. There’s so many I want to add to this list, especially since there’s a slew of YA contemporaries that have LGBTQ+ characters and talk about mental health which are things I never read as a younger reader. As for The Reader, oh my word, is that an Asian character on a book cover?! Hot damn!


I read Nimona a few months ago and absolutely fell in love with it. Not only is it funny but it’s adorable! The characters (even the bad guys!) are likeable. The author, Noelle Stevenson, also wrote and drew for Lumberjanes and I love that series too! I’ve discovered graphic novels over the course of this year. I read manga a lot when I was in middle school, and now, it’s hard to buy comics one by one so I’ve found volumes to be easier to read and I’m not left hanging too much in the dark.

Don’t forget to leave your TTT and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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