NerdyPost’s December Unboxing!

Ah, I feel like I’m super late posting this! I try to wait at least two weeks after getting the box so there’s no spoilers or anything. I believe we’re safe now. 🙂

If you don’t know about NerdyPost, it’s a monthly subscription box filled with hand lettered designs based on certain fandoms. This is actually the third NerdyPost box I’ve bought and I haven’t been disappointed! The theme for December was “Fantastic Beasts.” It’s so fitting since the movie released at the end of November (I saw it twice! <3), and to say I was excited for this box is an understatement!

Here’s the creator’s note! I love that Alexis turns this into a design as well! That’s a quote from Newt Scamander when he’s talking to Jacob. I love the colors!

These two items are double-sided. I really love that about the items in these boxes. Of course we know Jacob drank the giggle water and he also said the right quote when he saw the inside of Newt’s suitcase. I absolutely LOVE the bookmarks in this box, too! They’re always high quality and they’re over-sized. My dog, Ollie, would chew my bookmarks so I’ve learned to keep them in a mug on top of my desk and to have more than just one! 😛


Here’s the blank notebook, a Pickett sticker, and a “Magizoologist” button pin! I haven’t found uses for the button pins yet. I’m too afraid to stick them on my laptop bag because they’re too lovely and delicate.

And finally… THE PRINT. Isn’t it GORGEOUS?


Ah, Alexis does such AMAZING work and this 8.5 x 11″ print is absolutely beautiful! I think this is my favorite print from the three boxes I’ve bought! I can’t wait to get this framed and add it to my Harry Potter collection! 🙂

Now here’s the Instagram worthy picture! 😛


If you’re looking for high-quality work based on your favorite fandoms, subscribe to NerdyPost! January’s theme is STAR WARS. I didn’t subscribe because it’s not my favorite fandom but I know it’s going to be beautiful! Give Alexis a follow on Instagram!


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