FairyLoot’s March Unboxing!

When FairyLoot sent out their monthly newsletter to announce the theme of March’s box, I had to get a box! I’ve crept most of the new releases for the next few months that I actually had a good idea what the book was…and yes, I was right (and I wasn’t disappointed).

Now this is my 2nd FairyLoot box, and while it wasn’t my favorite, the quality of items are top notch, and persuades me even more to keep getting the box despite the $50 price tag (I live in the U.S. which makes shipping fairly expensive as FairyLoot is based in the U.K.)


FairyLoot’s March box was their 1 year anniversary box. Hence, the purple box! 🙂 It was another one of the reasons why I had to get this box!


I absolutely love their introduction cards, which tells you the box’s theme and lists the contents of the box along with the suppliers. I find myself more prone to keep these, too. 🙂 March’s theme was Myths and Monsters!


First off, we have some adorable unicorn fairy lights by Mustard. Then we have a beautiful mermaid pocket mirror drawn by Book Otter. I’m also keen on breaking things, so I decided the mirror would be safer inside the packaging. 😉 And oh my goodness, look at those adorable magnetic bookmarks by Bonitismo, featuring a dragon and a phoenix, two awesome mythical creatures!


Oh guys, if only you could smell this candle through your screen! I’m not sure Nephilim smell quite like black cherry and lime, but I’m definitely not complaining! It smells like a delicious cherry limeade! My camera doesn’t do the vibrant red color any just either–it’s vivid and bright in real person! Thank you, GeekyClean!


I love how soft this gorgeous scarf made exclusively for FairyLoot by GivArt is! It looks like dragon scales and it’s sheer and long! While I’m not a fan of scarves, I can’t get over how beautiful this is! I might just have to find something to go with this accessory… 😉

Last but certainly not least is the book:


I don’t have many foreign editions of books, but how beautiful is the UK edition of Strange the Dreamer? It was another reason why I had to have this box! It also came with the author letter and 1 of 3 lovely postcards!



You know, sometimes it’s the details that make books even more beautiful and the publisher outdid themselves by giving us…


Blue-sprayed pages! 😮 😮 😮
I literally squealed in delight when I saw this! *_*

I’ve read part of Laini Taylor’s other series, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but I haven’t finished it quite yet. I’ll definitely finish that before I start Strange the Dreamer! I look forward to this book because I love Taylor’s world-building and her writing style.

FairyLoot’s April is all sold out but as of right now, their May box is still available, and the theme is Warriors & Legends! You can purchase one here!

4 thoughts on “FairyLoot’s March Unboxing!

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh this one looks amazing! The scarf, the candle and the fairy lights ❤

    I don't remember hearing about that novel! The cover looks amazing. Do you think you will end up reviewing it?

    Liked by 1 person

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