Mini Review: “Wires and Nerve, Vol. 1” by Marissa Meyer

I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did. This has been on my TBR long before it released. Recently, I’ve taken a liking to graphic novels and seriously, this one was no exception. After finishing Winter, I was sad to leave The Lunar Chronicles universe. Iko became a beloved character, so I was thrilled to have a whole, new type of story with her as the main character.

wires and nerveTitle: Wires and Nerve, Vol. 1
Author: Marissa Meyer, Douglas Holgate (illustrator)
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Release date: January 31, 2017
Length: 240 pages (hardcover)
Genre: Young adult, graphic novel, fantasy, sci-fi
Synopsis: (from Goodreads) “In her first graphic novel, #1 New York Times and USA Today bestseller Marissa Meyer follows Iko, the beloved android from the Lunar Chronicles, on a dangerous and romantic new adventure — with a little help from Cinder and the Lunar team.

In her first graphic novel, bestselling author Marissa Meyer extends the world of the Lunar Chronicles with a brand-new, action-packed story about Iko, the android with a heart of (mechanized) gold. When rogue packs of wolf-hybrid soldiers threaten the tenuous peace alliance between Earth and Luna, Iko takes it upon herself to hunt down the soldiers’ leader. She is soon working with a handsome royal guard who forces her to question everything she knows about love, loyalty, and her own humanity. With appearances by Cinder and the rest of the Rampion crew, this is a must-have for fans of the bestselling series.”

four and a half starsMy Thoughts

Queen Selene, otherwise known as Cinder, has been the queen of Luna for seven months now. The Rampion crew has settled into somewhat of a normal life, and Iko, our beloved andriod, has taken it upon herself to rid Earth of the wolf-hybrid soldiers. Not only is Iko a dedicated friend and fierce fighter, she’s also a giggling teenager, excited to hang out with her friends and ogling over the latest fashions.

I absolutely loved that we were able to see the other characters again, too. If you’ve missed all of them, you won’t be disappointed with this graphic novel. I’m already ready for volume 2, and it’s scheduled release date is 2018! 😮 That’s too far away!

Wires and Nerve was a quick read for me. I needed the small break this book provided to jump back onto the reading wagon, as it was feeling a bit dull for me. I loved returning to The Lunar Chronicles world, loved immersing myself with the characteres again. If you’re afraid these aren’t the characters you’ve come to know and love, rejoice, because they’re lovely and the same! Nothing is loss with the different medium.

The only complaint I actually have about the graphic novel is the colors. I expect graphic novels to be bright and colorful, but this one is very one-sided (shaded?). We have spectrum of blue and…that’s it. I wanted vibrant and beautiful colors of the rainbow. It makes me wonder why they (the illustrators? Concept artists? Publisher? Not sure who makes that decision) chose to go with blue.

I checked this out from the library, but I plan to add it to my own library when I can. You can buy it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any other major bookseller.

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