Top 5 Wednesday: Summer Reads

I work in a school district, and I’m fortunate enough to have a whole month off during summer. (I’m already counting down the days.) Of course, I always plan to accomplish a lot during summer, especially when it comes to my TBR pile. While I do have a TBR jar, I’ve been unfaithful to it lately (thanks, library!).

Anyway, I’m going to try to nail down some books I hope to read while on my break, not necessarily books that remind me of summer (though I might include some of those, too. 😛 ).

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book blog meme started on Goodreads.

the unexpected everythingI think this book cover screams summer. Maybe it’s the ice cream truck or the insane amount of dogs the girl is walking at one time. This book is highly rated on Goodreads, and it’s one of the reasons I picked it at my local used bookstore (for $9!), even though it’s not my usual genre read. However, contemporary YA books have surprised me so much lately (or maybe I’ve been picking up all the “right” ones?).






the names they gave usI’m currently reading an ARC of this. Not only is the cover beautiful, but I absolutely loved Lord’s When We Collided, so when I read the synopsis, it was an instant add to my TBR. It’s about a girl who goes to work as a counselor at a summer camp. I mean, wow, does that not just say, “Hello, summer!” I know it’s going to be a complex contemporary novel, and what I’ve read so far has been right up my alley.






strange the dreamerI’m sensing a bit of a color theme going on in all these “summer reads” I’ve listed. Haha. Well, here’s another one with a gorgeous cover! I’m going to try really hard to finish Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy before I started Strange the Dreamer. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book, which makes me both excited and terrified (as I don’t want it to be another “hyped book” that eventually let me down).






The first two books in this series has been sitting on my shelf for months now, even way before Han released the news that there would be a third book. Well, know the third book is out (it released on May 2) and here I am… Not anywhere close to actually reading it. Typical me. XD The main reason I did pick this book up are: its high rating on Amazon, Korean author, and half-Korean character (like me!). So here’s hoping this lives up to the all the hype as well.

the color projectThe Color Project is a self-published book by the lovely Sierra Abrams who is funny, lovely, and a generally a fantastic human being all around! (She sent me a hardback copy of Throne of Glass with its original dust jacket a few months ago. Thanks forever, girl! ❤ ) Since I’ve grown to love contemporaries, I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on copy when it releases on July 18.

Let’s admire that gorgeous cover for a few moments too! ❤

You can pre-order TCP on Amazon here!




What books are you looking forward to reading this summer? Do we share some of the same ones? Give me all your recs! 🙂

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