Epic Reads Summer Meet-Up!

I had an amazing opportunity to meet 4 fabulous YA authors a few weeks ago, and I’m finally sitting down to write a blog post about it. Writing about these types of events are some of my favorites. Meeting an author whose work(s) I really enjoy is like meeting a celebrity for me–they are celebrities to me. 😛

Best of Book in the surrounding Oklahoma City area hosted Epic Reads Summer Meet-Up with authors Julie Murphy, Evelyn Skye, Kimberly McCreight, and Joelle Charbonneau (on the day her recent novel, Dividing Eden, released). Best of Books is also where I met Sabaa Tahir last year, and the store is becoming one of my favorite local bookstores. ❤

What was really neat about this event is it was a round Robin sort of thing, where we met each author and talked for about 10 – 15 minutes about anything. There were 6 people, including myself, in my group, and a lot of us had questions about the publishing/querying process. It was interesting to hear their different experiences. It left me with a feeling of, “Yes, I can do this” yet at the same time going, “OMG, I CAN’T DO THIS.” Haha. (And by “this,” I mean finding an agent and becoming a published writer.)


Evelyn Skye asked us to sign her fan copy of her book, The Crown’s Game.

I swear, authors are some of the nicest people ever. Each author brought some awesome swag to give away!


Evelyn Skye had gorgeous prints of the characters from The Crown’s Game, Pasha, Nikolai, and Vika drawn by the super talented Charlie Bowater. She also stamped each book with her unique stamp which says, “The Tsar salutes you”! Evelyn said she’s been to Russia and it’s one of her favorite places, hence why this series is set in Imperial Russia!


Julie Murphy gave out some goodies, too, like this bookmark, postcard, and enamel pin (I love enamel pins ❤ ). She also signed my copy of Dumplin’, and even told us some SECRET THINGS about the next book in the Dumplin’ series. But you know, SECRETS. 😉 Julie also discussed why she wrote Ramona Blue, and I loved her honesty as much as I loved the book. Julie also talked a bit about the Dumplin’ movie in the works, but wasn’t able to tell us much else since it’s still early in the production phase, I believe.


Postcards, stickers, and bookmarks, oh my! I also won a shirt (not pictured). The fun thing about this event was it was the same day this book was released. 🙂 It’s beautiful in person, and I’m so glad to have this, and Joelle’s The Testing series signed.


I know what you guys must be thinking. “Nicole, why didn’t you take pictures with Kimberly?” Truthfully, I haven’t read any of her books, and don’t have an interest, so I would have just felt weird asking for a picture. But that didn’t mean Kimberly was any less nice. She was straight to the point and very factual. She didn’t start writing until she was well into her career as a lawyer.

I always come away from these events refreshed, encouraged, and ready to write! 🙂 Have you met any of these authors? What author would you like to meet the most?

You can check out my other posts where I met Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J. Maas.

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