Maggie Stiefvater’s book tour & Oklahoma’s FIRST teen book fest!

Two grand things to talk about in today’s post: Maggie Stiefvater (author of The Raven Boys) announced her book tour for All the Crooked Saints and there’s a connection between that and Oklahoma’s 1st teen book festival happening on October 28. Can you guess?

On Monday, Maggie announced her book tour for the impending All the Crooked Saints, a book she dubbed #darknovel. AtCS releases on October 10 and I’m living for its release. I fell in love with The Raven Cycle, and I actually met Maggie back in March at the North Texas Teen book festival. I keep saying that I want to be her when I grow up because she generally seems like the nicest person ever and an overall cool, calm, and collected person. (If she ever reads this, she’s probably giggling, but it’s true! You exude awesomeness, Maggie! 😛 )

Anyway, here’s the nifty graphics with all her tour dates:

AtCS Tour 1

AtCS Tour 2

You can also check out her website for more info or check out her blog, where she gives us some pretty cool insights about her tour (like how you can get a signed bookplate if you see her on tour and how she wants you to bring her old keys).

Anyway, the main thing I want to point out is she’s coming to Oklahoma for OKTBC. Can you even imagine what went through my mind? It looked a bit like this:


usagi starry eyes

If you’re a fan of hers, I’m sure you can! When I met her in March, she signed and personalized the entire Raven Cycle. I also have her Wolves of Mercy Falls series (unread), and definitely plan on buying AtCS to have it signed, too! I guess I ought to get my hands on The Scorpio Races too! Not only am I excited that Oklahoma has its own teen book festival (this year is its first!), but one of my favorite authors will be there? Holy guacamole, sign me up! (I actually signed up to be a volunteer, but haven’t heard anything back. Maybe soon?!)

OKTBC will also have a slew of amazing authors, too. You can see them all here. I’m also particularly excited about Ryan Graudin (who was also at NTTBF but I didn’t get to meet or have my books signed 😦 ), and a handful of Oklahoma authors like Ally Carter, Jennifer Latham, and Tara Hudson.

Do you feel my excitement? Is it too much? lol You can definitely rest assured that I will post a full, wonderful blog post about my experience at the book con on October 28. In the meantime, I’m going to continue to hype myself up for meeting Marie Lu this Saturday for her Warcross book tour. 😛

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