FairyLoot’s March 2018 Unboxing!

Huzzah! It’s been a while since I’ve done an unboxing post simply because… Well, besides not really having the money to spend on subscription boxes, I was highly disappointed in my last book box (all the way back in July!). Regardless, as FairyLoot celebrated their 2nd anniversary this past March and since I loved last year’s anniversary box, I couldn’t miss out!

Well, I think I overestimated by joy for this box.


Because it was their anniversary, FairyLoot used a purple box instead of their traditional black! I quite like it, actually. 🙂

The theme of March’s box was “Memorable Moments.”


From left to right we have “Toast to the Warden of the North” hot chocolate inspired by Game of Thrones made by Eponine, which I haven’t watched so…meh, but I LOVE hot chocolate! Then we have a Harry Potter-inspired 2 oz candle, which smells like fresh baked bread and chocolate. Quite frankly, it’s not the best smell. I don’t really like chocolate-scented things because they smell cloyingly sweet and no one can really do it right. It overwhelms the bread scent, so you can’t detect that at all.

Inspired by The Lord of the Rings, we have a strawberry and vanilla-scented bath soap made by GeekyClean called “Bilbo’s Birthday Cake.” Next, there’s a cork bunting! Cute, but nothing really something I’ll ever use.

Also included was a bookmark and button pin from The Belles (most likely leftovers from one of their past boxes). I read the book as an eARC and liked it and its darker theme.


I absolutely love the air print and the bookmark with the same art! As usual, included was a small ‘zine, highlighting FairyLoot’s last year in boxes, along with some fun games and trivia.

For me, the most disappointing part was the book. I’ve never even heard of this book until I got it in this box, and I’ve never read anything by this author either. Despite the gorgeous cover and interesting synopsis, I’m not wholly enthused by this book. It came with a signed bookplate, a postcard with the cover art, and an author letter (not shown since I forgot and kept it tucked in the book, hehe).

Truthfully, I liked only one item in the entire box: a soft black Shadowhunter scarf (which I didn’t get a picture of until now… Bottom left!)


I’m not deeply engrossed in the Shadowhunter world (I thought TMI was okay, but LOVED TID and have yet to read TDA), I love scarves! I was hoping this would be an infinity scarf, but it’s not. It’s also too short for me to try to turn it into one, but I wore it not too long ago and it looked great! 🙂

Because FairyLoot is a U.K.-based subscription box and I live in the U.S., I paid a decent amount of money for it. And yet I’m starting to think it may not be worth it anymore. *sigh* Despite that, May’s theme is “Save the Kingdom” and sounds fantastic! It’ll include two items inspired by some of my favorite series, too, but I think I may end up just purchasing the items I really like from a B/S/T group instead of forking over the cash for the whole box.

I’m eagerly awaiting OwlCrate’s April box, so I hope I’m not disappointed in that, too, or else I may have to look for new book subscription boxes!

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