WAR STORM Book Tour w/ Victoria Aveyard & Rebecca Ross

Yes, I know I’m supposed to be on hiatus, and technically, I still am. But I wanted to post about meeting Victoria Aveyard and Rebecca Ross for the War Storm book tour which came through my home state a few weeks ago.

(I also post a few eARC reviews in the coming weeks as well. 🙂 )

So I’ve actually met Victoria Aveyard once before when she was at the 2016 North Texas Teen Book Festival. That was my first major book festival, and if I remember correctly, Glass Sword, had recently come out. She also appeared at the 2017 festival, but her line was incredibly long, I didn’t have the chance to get King’s Cage signed. And you can only imagine my delight and surprise when Victoria announced the War Storm book tour, and Oklahoma was a spot!


The funny thing also is that I have Rebecca Ross’s book, The Queen Rising, on my shelf. I bought it a few months ago, shortly after it released. I never thought I’d be able to meet her, too. (Thought the book remains unread–ahhhhh!) It sounds amazing, especially after Rebecca talked a bit about her inspiration behind the book.


I was super impressed with this display!

There was a small Q&A with the authors, which I personally thought could have been done a lot better. But I still enjoyed it regardless. It’s exciting to see the Red Queen series come to a close, and as I recently reread Red Queen and enjoyed it a lot more the first time around, I hope the series continues to be great. I have read Glass Sword, and while I liked it, it wasn’t my fav. I haven’t read King’s Cage so that’ll be a completely new experience for me. 😛

Victoria spoke briefly about a few things in store for fans: some more Red Queen content (novellas?), but she’s working on a new project she can’t speak about quite yet. Even we weren’t given a hint of what it could be!

IMG_1416I didn’t travel alone, thank goodness. My BFF came with me. 🙂 She’s been my go-to bookish and writing friend for many years now. Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve had a consistent friend for so long, LOL. She’s also a fellow writer and my CP (critique partner) who helped me whip my YA fantasy project into shape for querying! *cheers*



Now, prepare yourselves for our super awkward picture with the authors…


*face palm* Yeah… Definitely not my favorite. But it felt a bit rushed and it was really awkward trying to find a place to stand since we weren’t allowed behind the tables with the authors for “security reasons.” Totally understandable. But who knew Calye and I could quickly revert back to our weird teenage years in a single photo? 😂😂

Anywho! It was a fun time, and I’m happy to say I have the entire Red Queen series signed. 🙂 I have a few more books to reread and get through before I can tackle the remaining books in the series, but I’m excited nonetheless! 🙂

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