Top Ten Tuesday: K-Dramas to Binge!


I thought I’d do my own little spin on today’s Top Ten Tuesday post. The topic for today is Bingeworthy TV Shows or Movies, but I wanted to highlight some K-dramas (Korean dramas) I’ve had my eyes on and ones I’ve already watched and loved. You can check out the rest of September’s topics by clicking here.

My foray into K-dramas started when I was in college. I vaguely remember my mom watching them when I was growing up, but I remember them being horrors and I’m not about that life! lol I admit that I’m not a fanatic, but I do enjoy a good show here and there. I struggle sitting down to watch any show for long periods of time (though I can read a book in a whole day if it’s good). So here I’ve accumulated all of my favorites ones, along with ones that I’ve heard great things about and are on my list to watch. 🙂

GoongGoong (), or Princess Hours, is based on a manhwa of the same name. This show first aired in 2006 by MBC. The premise of the show surrounds a high school girl,  who becomes engaged to the Crown Prince of Korea, Lee Shin (in a fictitious world where Korea still has a monarch). If you like love triangles and plot twists, you’ll definitely enjoy this drama! I remember falling absolutely in love with, and my love for royalty spreads even into my K-dramas.




The Princess' Man

Gongju-eui namja (공주의 남자), or The Princess’ Man, is a 2011 KBS production about a pair of star-crossed lovers whose Fathers are rivals. It’s this heart-breaking story with–you guessed it!–a forbidden romance. This is one of the first K-dramas that made me cry, and it has an amazing OST as well. Talk about putting your heart through the ringer!

Coffee PrinceKeopipeurinseu 1 Hojeom (커피 프린스 1호점), commonly called Coffee Prince, is an 2007 MBC production, where the main character dresses as a boy in order to have multiple jobs to support her family. I thought this was such an interesting show to watch due to how androgynous the main character is, and how the show really pushed the boundary. I initially started watching it because of Yoon Eun-hye, who starred in Goong as well. I really enjoyed her performance, and as I watched this show, I was completely drawn into Gong Yoo as well, who played opposite of Eun-hye. Again, another show that made me cry. Somehow I seem to choose the K-dramas that make me cry. So of course I’ll continue that theme with the next one.

The Moon That Embraces the SunHaereul Poomeun Dal (해를 품은 달), or The Moon That Embraces the Sun, is another story of star-crossed lovers. This drama is produced by MBC as well, and aired in 2012. Guys, I cannot get over how amazing each of the actors and actresses are in this series. They pull you in–they make you feel, and you better keep a box of tissues handy!

I’m a sucker for historical fiction in literature, so that definitely leaks into the type of shows that I watch, too. Korean historical dramas are some of my favorite. So much happens! The clothes! The hair! The stories!

The two main characters fell in love and were married at a very young age, but circumstances tore them apart for years.

I’d also like to point out there’s a seriously handsome and loyal bodyguard to the king, and I’m here for handsome Korean men with cheekbones that could cut someone… 👀


If you’re into K-dramas at all, and you haven’t watch Goblin (도깨비; Sseulsseulhago Chanlanhasin – Dokkaebi, Guardian: The Great and Lonely God) then…you must be living under a rock. I took a long break from watching K-dramas because all the ones I watched just emotionally drained me. Well, to say that this K-drama refueled me would be a lie. 🤣 I’ve never cried so much watching a drama before! And I’m a serious cryer! I don’t hold back at all! There’s no shame in showing your emotions this way. This one sucked me in from the get-go. This OST is also one of my favorites as well, and is one of my top playlists on Spotify. The quality is amazing, the scenery gorgeous… It’s become one of my favorite dramas by scenery alone.

Gosh, I could really go on and one, but I’m just to throw in these three as well…

Top left: You’re Beautiful (SBS 2009)
Bottom left: The Heirs (SBS 2013)
Right: Boys Over Flowers (KBS 2009)

Now to move on the two I am currently watching… (Thanks, Mom.)

Descendants of the Sun (left) and Mr. Sunshine are both streaming on Netflix. Whenever my mom visits (which was just recently), we bounce K-dramas off of each other. She watches them way faster than I do (because I need subtitles), but Netflix has acquired a lot more these past two years or so. I find Descendants to be a bit slower than I like. As for Mr. Sunshine, I’m super entranced by the West meets East aspect (not the circumstances in happened). This really takes place at the cusp of late 19th century Joseon.

Okay! So I’ve already reached 10, but I wanted to feature two that I’ve heard so much about but haven’t gotten around to watching…

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon are both romantic comedies. My mom says they are absolutely hilarious. I know the latter is on Netflix (last time I checked) but I think Secretary Kim may still be airing or just finished airing. I’m not sure if it’ll be on Netflix but I can always cross my fingers. 🙂

Eeeeeek! Thanks for sticking with me through this list! If you’re a big K-drama watcher, let me know what some of your favorites are or if we share some of the same!


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