Epic Reads Fall Tour: Kendare Blake, Katharine McGee, & Sara Raasch

One of my favorite things to do as a reader is to meet authors. I think we can all relate, right? Living in the U.S., I’m fortunate enough to have authors visit areas around me. I know that’s not the case with many other countries, so I try to go as many author signings as I can. Epic Reads has brought some great authors to my city. In the spring I met Julie Murphy, Becky Albertalli, and Katie Cotugno in a panel-like author visit. This time it was a round-table event, where we all sat in a circle and could talk one-on-one with the author. I like how these feel so personal.

With the release of Blake’s Two Dark Reigns on the day of the event, McGee’s third and final book in The Thousandth Floor series, and Raasch’s first book in her new duology, These Rebel Waves, the meet was such a perfect time and a fun time to look forward to after work.


I’ve gotta be real honest though. I didn’t like Raasch’s first series, Snow Like Ashes, but her recent release, These Rebel Waves sounds good. I notice there’s a lot of pirate-esque YA novels releasing lately. It’s not my favorite sub-category, but I did enjoy Daughter of the Pirate King, so maybe it’ll have more of that kind of vibe.

Sara’s also really funny. I feel like whenever I meet an author, I always love how down-to-earth they are. Sometimes it can feel really awkward just sitting down with people and trying to make conversation, but Sara enjoyed telling us a little about her writing process–she’s totally a planner!–and some of her favorite books. (She said she was listening to Rowell’s Carry On via audiobook on her way to many of her events.


I haven’t read any of Katharine’s books. When I heard about it at the time of the first book’s release, I think it was pitched as Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars, and I haven’t watched or read either of those books, so I took the book off my radar (despite the gorgeous cover!) But the more Katharine talked about her book (as light sci-fi) the more interested I became.

She talked about some cool technology she made up for her book along with the general premise. I definitely enjoyed how she said she had become a little lost when a lot of dystopians had become about the earth being ruined or humanity being riddled with diseases, that she wanted to write a different sort of dystopian. This made me even more intrigued. I’m determined to pick this up from the library when life isn’t so busy.

IMG_1080I was really excited to meet Kendare Blake. I recently reread Three Dark Crowns via audiobook (and enjoyed it more the second time around). I admit that I skimmed a spoiler so I know what might happen, and I’me ager to see how exactly the story progresses to that point.

Blake told a cool story about how she came up with the premise of Three Dark Crowns, and it was about bees and their queen bee. She also said that the series was originally supposed to be a duology, but now it’s going to be four books! The 4th and final book isn’t scheduled to release until 2020, so that’s a bit of a longer wait than most of her readers had been expecting… But you what? That just means more rereads! 🙂


Of course I had to take a pic with all the ladies! 🙂

I definitely had a fun time, and I always enjoyed laughing and meeting authors. My best friend came with me, too, and we enjoy spending time together as well. The next event we’re most excited about is Marie Lu! She’s coming for part of her Wildcard blog tour (which I started just a few days ago since I managed to get an ARC)! I’m so excited.

Have you met any authors? What authors would you like to meet?

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