Top Ten Tuesday: Longest Books I’ve Ever Read

You know I don’t think I’ve ever given much thought to books fitting this topic. Usually page number isn’t a huge deterrent, and I only find it so if the book is boring, and I’m trying to force myself to finish.

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I don’t know if you’ve seen Gabaldon’s Outlander series in its physically form, but it is seriously one massive book series–not just in number of books but in page numbers. If you have the non-mass market paperback editions, I’m fairly certain you could this series as a door stopper, or throw it at someone in order to physically harm them. Though I’ve only read the first four books in the series, I imagine I’ve read a good 3,000 pages, give or take a hundred pages or so.

Book 5 and 6 of the Green Rider series clocks in at over 750 pages each. This is truly a fantastic fantasy series filled with magic, some romance, and twists and turns you don’t expect. It’s become one of my favorite series, especially after reading Firebrand. There’s actually an anthology of short stories based in this world called The Dream Gatherer which is scheduled to release on October 23.

WinterThe final book in The Lunar Chronicles series sits at 827 pages in hardback. I’ll be honest and say I listened to the entire series via audiobook. The narrator, Rebecca Soler, did a wonderful job with each of the books, and I’m so glad I started and finished the series this way. Maybe one day I’ll physically read the books (since I have them on my shelves and all). This might be my favorite cover of the series too, though truthfully, they’re all good, and I love how they harken to the fairytales they’re based on.





With the release of Kingdom of Ash in a few days which supposedly has a total of 702 pages, it’ll be the longest Sarah J Maas book. And you know what? I’m totally ready for it. Empire of Storms was the first SJM book that used thinner pages because it was so large. A Court of Wings and Ruin followed suite, and trust me, I do not doubt for one second that KoA won’t do the same.

I can vividly remember picking up Goblet of Fire and going, “Wow, this book is so big!” But then Order of the Phoenix followed and I thought the same thing… (870 pages!) While GoF and DoH sit at over 700 pages each (according to Goodreads. Sadly, I’m writing from a place where I physically can’t check the copies I own)! Supposedly, Goblet is so long because JKR found a plot hole and had to write her way out (so rumor says). I think I would have been angry if the latter books weren’t large, so I’m glad they are. 🙂

What are some of the longest books you’ve read? I know I’m missing a few myself!

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