Meeting the Author: Marie Lu || WILDCARD Book Tour

My oh my, can you imagine my shock when I learned that Marie Lu was coming to my neck of woods? Sure, we get authors but not many young adult authors, let alone big name ones. I had previously met Marie Lu during North Texas Teen Book Festival a few years ago, and then saw her again for her Warcross book tour. It was such a delight to be able to meet her again for the Wildcard book tour and to get my book signed!

The event was hosted at my favorite local indie called Best of Books, who has hosted a great deal of authors in the past couple of years, not to mention both Epic Reads spring and fall tours I’ve attended in the past. (Read about them here (summer), here (spring), and here (fall)! 🙂 )

One of my favorite things about attending book events like this is the sort of one-on-one feel you get between the author and audience, which is a lot different than, say, a giant book festival with thousands upon thousand of attendees. The signings themselves are short, and you don’t get a lot of face-time with the author (which is understandable in the circumstances of all the people who want their books signed!).

Needless to say, seeing Marie for the third time was such fun! It was absolutely a joy to be able to just go have fun. Husband and I moved into a house a little over a month ago and we were still settling in at the time. All my books were in boxes, but I made sure to set aside the books I wanted to bring with me to the event.

IMG_1200And yes, I did bring Gemina and Obsidio. Marie did the illustrations for both of those books and since I met Jay and Amie earlier this year to have the series signed, I thought it was such perfect fate that Marie would sign those two books too. 🙂 I also brought Life After Legend, which was the pre-order swag for pre-ordering Warcross when it first released. 🙂 Wildcard had a similar pre-order incentive, and I’m eagerly awaiting for that to arrive!




I also brought a gift for Marie because I seriously couldn’t resist. I spent a few hours one day scouring her Instagram to see what she would like. Knowing she’s an artist, I saw she posted some drawings, so I looked at what she used and decided on a set of Micron pens. I also gifted her The Melting Library’s Wildcard candle, which smells like Emika Chen’s favorite soda–strawberry. 🙂 Marie loved both items, and I’m so glad!

Marie spoke a little about her current project, a standalone historical fantasy called The Kingdom of Back, which is based around Mozart and his younger sister, who used to play a game of the same name as they traveled throughout Europe to perform. Marie stated her first love is fantasy, and so I’m excited to read that book!

Overall, I had a fun time. 🙂 I also met Mary from Mary Had a Little Book Blog. We run into each other on very rare occasions, so it was fun to see her and chat, too!

I’ve got one more author event to post this week, along with an ARC review of Mafi’s contemporary, A Very Large Expanse of Sea. Keep your eyes peeled!

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