T5W: Books to Read Before 2019

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Wait, 2019 is how many weeks away? Six?


My TBR is really all over the place. Y’all may know by now that I don’t have set TBRs. I just pick whatever I feel like, so this post may just be totally obsolete in a few weeks, LOL! However, I do have some general books in mind.

ScytheI’ve never read a book by Neal Shusterman. But it seems that if I were to start, this is the book to do it. I’ve heard numerous people (even a bookseller at my favorite indie bookstore) tell me that she absolutely loved

the book.

What is possibly the worst part is that I own a physical copy of the book, but I keep trying to check out the audiobook from the library. That’s really a bad habit of mine, but sometimes it just becomes too difficult to carry a physical book around. And with my work commute being a good 1 hour, I can get a decent amount of listening done, too. 🙂 I’ve heard the ending is a shocker! (That might be a good thing since the sequel, Thunderhead,is already out, too. 🙂 )

King's Cage

I started re-reading the first two books in this series earlier this year. While I’m still in the middle of Glass Sword (which I put on hold while I’m currently reading Kingdom of Ash), my hope is to continue this series now that it’s complete. I even met Victoria Aveyard and got this book and the final book, War Storm, signed earlier this year.

Because the Internet is the internet, I’ve heard mixed reviews about the final book which makes me…hesitate. I mean, this series never started out as my favorite, but with a reread, I’ve come to enjoy it more. I hope me liking the book continues as the series progresses.


I’m including these two books because I own the ARCs and never got around to reading them before they released. I have this deep guilt about not reading ARCs before their release date, which is something I really need to not feel guilty for at all. No one needs to feel guilty about it either, to be honest. Anyway, I’ve heard such amazing things about Girls of Paper and Fire–how its diverse and queer and exactly what young adult literature needs. I also recently read somewhere (wish I could remember where!) that Grim Lovelies is a somewhat loose Cinderella retelling and… I think I need that!

Since I seem to be on a re-read kick this year, I figured with the release of The Dark Days Deceit on November 20, this series definitely calls for a reread. It’s so good, with all the slow-burn romance you could ask for in a historical fiction (or any book, really). After the ending and glorious torture that was The Dark Days Pact, I can’t wait to see how Goodman concluded the series.

What books do you plan to read before 2019? Hopefully you won’t stress yourself trying to read them all. 🙂 As for me… Well, I’ll try not to either.

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