‘Waiting on’ Wednesday: March ’19 Releases!

‘Waiting on’ Wednesday (WoW) is a book blog meme hosted by Breaking the Spine. It’s really easy to participate: all you have to do is feature upcoming books you’re excited about–it doesn’t necessarily have to release the next month. But for my own sanity, I try to feature books month-by-month.

Also, how are we already halfway through February? January seemed to last forever long, but here we are with February! Oh boy!

Since I’m trying to read more than just YA now, I included a two books that aren’t YA.

I can’t remember how I came across The Bird King, but it’s by the author who penned the Ms. Marvel comic book series, which features an Muslim-American teen girl has the superhero. I’ve read the first volume, and thoroughly enjoyed it. To know that G. Willow Wilson is writing a historical fiction novel excites me. The Bird King is set to release on March 12.

As for The Women’s War, I discovered it last week. The synopsis intrigued me, so I want to include it below:

“When a nobleman’s first duty is to produce a male heir, women are treated like possessions and bargaining chips. But as the aftereffects of a world-altering spell ripple out physically and culturally, women at last have a bargaining chip of their own. And two women in particular find themselves at the crossroads of change.

Alys is the widowed mother of two teenage children, and the disinherited daughter of a king. Her existence has been carefully proscribed, but now she discovers a fierce talent not only for politics but also for magic—once deemed solely the domain of men. Meanwhile, in a neighboring kingdom, young Ellin finds herself unexpectedly on the throne after the sudden death of her grandfather the king and everyone else who stood ahead of her in the line of succession. Conventional wisdom holds that she will marry quickly, then quietly surrender the throne to her new husband…. Only, Ellin has other ideas.

The tensions building in the two kingdoms grow abruptly worse when a caravan of exiled women and their escort of disgraced soldiers stumbles upon a new source of magic in what was once uninhabitable desert. This new and revolutionary magic—which only women can wield—threatens to tear down what is left of the patriarchy. And the men who currently hold power will do anything to fight back.”

I noticed there have been a few books recently labeled “feminist” but some haven’t been able to deliver in that area. I hope this one doesn’t disappointed. It’s expected to release on March 5th.

Release dates for these books are as follows:

  • Internment by Samira Ahmed — March 19
    • If you haven’t read the synopsis for this book, I highly recommend that you do, especially in the political environment we live in the United States.
  • Sherwood by Meagan Spooner — March 19
    • I read Spooner’s Hunted and loved it. It’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling but with a twist. Sherwood is a gender-bent Robin Hood retelling. I have an ARC of this book, and I hope to get to it soon before its release day.
  • Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy — March 26
    • One early reader described this book as a “queer feminist retelling of King Arthur.” Me: *grabby hands* You can also submit your proof of receipt for pre-ordering to get this awesome swag pack! Y’all know I’m a big fan of fanart (hehe), so I’m about to head off and submit my own receipt…
  • Sky Without Stars by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell — March 26
    • I saw Jessica Brody had a book festival last year, and remember her talking about this book. I was instantly intrigued, so it’s been on my mind and now the time is almost here!

What books are you excited for in March? Or really, just any book coming out this year? Let me know in the comments, or leave your link below! 🙂

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