T5W: Favorite SFF Creatures

You know, I’m not sure I’ve given this much thought before. I think that’s mainly because I hardly ever get asked the question, and oftentimes we focus on favorite characters rather than favorite creatures. So… Let’s do this.

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Yep, it’s true. I feel like unicorn are the epitome (besides dragons) of fantasy creatures. Sadly, the only book coming to my head right now that deals with unicorns is Harry Potter (though if we’re talking movies, I’m thinking of Legend–the 1985 version with a very young Tom Cruise and a creature that reminds me of something from Warcraft, LOL). Unicorns are commonly portrayed as being pure, innocent mythical creatures.

Typing this got me thinking of Helois/Pegasus from Sailor Moon Super S movie where Chibi Usa meets him in a dream.


LOOK AT HIM. He’s just so gorgeous! Those eyelashes!


I know this is a broad category as well, since familiars have appeared throughout fantasy books as well, but because I read One Dark Throne not too long ago, I’m thinking of all the familiars in this book, such as Jule’s cougar and Arsinoe’s bear. I love the idea of having a connection with an animal on a deep level, and feel like this can happen in the real world, too, with our own pets.

AIs (Artificial Intelligence)

I mean, AIDAN can be considered a creature, right? I have a love/hate relationships with AIs because they creep me out but also fascinate me at the same time. 😂 I thought AIDAN is The Illumnae Files was brilliant. He was without mercy (er, well, it was questionable), but he has this odd…human side to him, especially when it came to Kady.

Also, how could I mention AIs without talking about Iko? I absolutely loved her in The Lunar Chronicles! She was that perfect comedic relief, and adored her love of fashion and fawning over certain characters. I really enjoyed how she got her own storyline in the graphic novels, Wire and Nerves, Vol 1 and 2.

Abraxos (from the Throne of Glass series)

First photo is by Merwild. Please click the link for the larger, more detailed picture! The second photo is by the amazing PhantomRin, who is one of my favorite artists.

Look how fierce Abraxos looks, but let’s be honest, we all know he’s a softie at heart! I fell in love with him from the get-go and definitely haven’t let go of him. 💓

Whew! I really had to rack my brain for those, but I love all my choices! Feel free to  leave your T5W post below, or let me know which creatures you really adore in the comments.

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