Top 10 Tuesday: First 10 Books I Reviewed


A weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Now this is definitely a throwback! I’m going all the back to the reviews I posted on Goodreads, before I even considered starting a blog! Let’s see how cringe-y these reviews actually are. 😛

Y’all are about to take a wild ride and see all the stuff I read before I really fell in love with YA.

I read North and South because I adored the BBC adaptation. I can’t even remember why I picked up The House at Riverton, but I for sure devoured We Two because I am in love with all things British royalty. Also, if I remember correctly, my now husband bought me that book when we were dating. (He really knew the way to my heart.)

More non-fiction (of the religious variety), a book about Downton Abbey (I was obsessed), and a Christian historical fiction novel (which I rated 4 stars but left a very short review of).

Yep… More non-fiction about British royalty and another mystery novel by Kate Morton.

And lastly…

GwenhwyfarI remember picking up this book because I enjoy King Arthur tellings, and I had seen Mercedes Lackey’s name all over the adult fantasy genre, as she’s especially known for her Valdemar series. I read this book before diving into the that particular series (the world is so vast!), but I wasn’t super impressed.

However, it didn’t deter me from reaching for the author again, and I’m glad to say that of the ten or so books I’ve read from the Valdemar series, I’ve enjoyed a majority of them. But because of its vastness, I’m also afraid to keep reading because there have to be over 35 books set in that world now! Talk about a prolific writer, Lackey is definitely one of them.


If you came for the YA content, here are the first three YA books I reviewed on Goodreads:

I’d like to think my taste in YA books has improved over the years, especially since I’ve immersed myself in the book community via Twitter and Instagram.

Do y’all remember the first book you ever reviewed? Feel free to tell me about it below, or if you did today’s Top 10 Tuesday, I’d love to read your post. Link it in the comments!

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