‘Waiting on’ Wednesday: May ’19 Releases

The end of April is nigh! A bit hard to believe actually. But that just means another month of amazing books that I am just over the moon excited about! I’ve been doing relatively well in terms of my book-buying ban, so I put most of these on hold at my local library.

May 7:

I bought OwlCrate’s Finale limited edition box which will have an exclusive cover. I really hope it looks good because there’s a Barnes & Noble edition I really want, too. 😛

If you pre-ordered Finale, you can submit your receipt here for a signed bookplate (U.S. only). Ends on May 6. While supplies last. Unfortunately, the OwlCrate limited edition boxes of Finale do not count for this pre-order.

If you pre-ordered Aurora Rising, submit your receipt here for a physical copy of Memento, an Illuminae Files novella (U.S.). Ends May 6. While supplies last. I believe there’s also a way to get it if you live in the U.K., but you may have to do a little research. Also, if you live in AUS/NZ, I believe you can get the novella and an enamel pin. Don’t quote me on that though!

May 14:

How can I get anymore excited about May?! Seriously! Just look at all those beautiful books with beautiful POCs on them!!! *screams into the void*

Did you pre-order We Hunt the Flame? You can get some GORGEOUS character cards if you follow the rules listed here. Ends May 14 while supplies last. This is open internationally!

There’s Something about Sweetie also has some pre-order goodies available. Submit your receipt here. Ends May 13 while supplies last.

May 28:

The Kingdom recently came on my radar just a few weeks ago. It sounds like a Disney World theme park gone super digital, so… I’m here for that. If you’ve pre-ordered, you can submit your receipt here for some goodies. Ends May 27 while supplies last. I can’t tell if this is U.S. only, but has most pre-order incentives go, it might just be. Again, don’t take my word for it.

The same goes for I Love You So Mochi. I believe this is Kuhn’s YA debut. She’s writing a series called Heroine Complex, which currently has 3 books out and 3 more coming. It’s a series I’ve been meaning to pick up from my local library but… You know… *stares at TBR pile* Errrrr, right…

So! What books are you excited for in May? Tell me all about them in the comments!

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