T5W: Bookish Things I’ve Changed My Mind About

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First off, happy first day of May!

usagi flowers.gif

I definitely think my tastes have changed ever since I started reading. That might seem like a no brainer, but being part of the book community on social media like Twitter and Instagram have really made me pick up books I wouldn’t otherwise pick up or even have a very generic opinion about bookish things.

I’m more open to reading sci-fi. || I hope this doesn’t shock anyone, but sci-fi has never been my favorite genre and I definitely didn’t read a lot of it when I was younger or even just a few years ago. There are two series that have really opened my eyes to the wonders of this genre:

Sometimes the language of sci-fi worlds really bogs down my reading, making the book somewhat of a chore to get through.

A few other sci-fi favorites are:

Don’t listen to the hype. || You can take this with a grain of salt really. I’ve read a decent amount of very hyped books in the past (The Wrath and the Dawn and The Cruel Prince come to mind) that I didn’t necessarily enjoy. Of course, this is all a matter of personal taste. But sometimes we can get distracted by all the hyped books and forget about books we really enjoy, the “quiet” ones that deserve equal amounts of love.

Some under-hyped books I really enjoyed:

Read outside your preferred genre. || Ever since I took my writing “seriously,” a lot of the advice I receive from authors when asking them about writing tips is to read outside of your favorite genre. I absolutely adore fantasy, and that’s what I prefer to write. But I’ve found so many amazing contemporary books (like above) and reading outside my favorite genre also meant I found some amazing sci-fi books (like above)!

I want to give a special shout-out to this series for causing me to not know what genre this is because it seems to encompass so many. Urban fantasy? Magical realism? Contemporary?

DNF that book! || DNF = Did Not Finish. I used to never DNF books, but then I realized life is too short to read books you don’t like or force yourself to finish them. There are also series that were hyped or just sounded right up my alley but fell completely flat. Here are a few books I DNFed:

You don’t always have to be reading! || Lately, I’ve taken a step back in the reading department to do other things I love. Whether that’s playing a video game, watching historical period dramas, or doing something else, I find that there’s joy in rediscovering these things you also love to do. I’d like to say that I’ve been writing a lot but the truth is… I finished writing the first draft of a currently untitled YA fantasy but haven’t been motivated to revise it because 1) laziness and 2) where’s the time? lol Perhaps I’ll make this my current reminder to work on revising it this weekend.

I mention that I’m watching historical period dramas, so here’s what they are:

I’m eagerly awaiting the final season of Poldark (also PBS Masterpiece, lol) but not sure I’m going to survive the actual ending.

I hope I didn’t bore you. I feel like maybe this turned into a “advise” post instead of what the topic actually was but, ya know… You just gotta do you. 😛


9 thoughts on “T5W: Bookish Things I’ve Changed My Mind About

    • amyriadofbooks says:

      Illuminae was definitely one of those hyped books I was afraid I wouldn’t love. I listened to the audiobook, and it’s one of my absolute favorites!

      And yes, the pun on Rebel Seoul is seriously the best. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. JJ Crafts says:

    This is a great post. I love the fact there’s been a surge in YA Sci Fi lately. It’s great to have adventures in space rather than a lot of the heavy adult scifi around

    Liked by 1 person

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