Recent Disappointing Reads (+ Mini Reviews #2)

Well, this is something else. If you don’t like to read negative reviews, I suggest you turn away now. 😛 No one is sadder than I am for not liking these books, especially since a lot of people I follow raved about them. Alas!

Also, there may be spoilers so… You’ve been warned!

If you’ve read a recent post of mine, you’d know I’ve been reading a lot of NA romance books. A lot of these authors are new to me, and the genre is fairly new to me as well. I checked out a bunch of books from the library and devoured a lot of them. I knew all’s well that ends well and things didn’t end well for me when I started reading…

Fix Her UpMy rating:
new one and a half star

This is Bailey’s first book I’ve read, which may say a lot about me since she’s a prolific writer with tens of books on her belt. The synopsis for Fix Her Up wasn’t wholly up my alley, but it has the childhood friends-to-lovers tropes and I’m pretty weak for that. Unfortunately, this book was such a mess.

It’s as cringey as all get out. The plot was…where? Sporadic and wild. The characters were all meh. Travis is an absolute jerk and has an alpha male complex which just gets worse when he and Georgie actually start having sex. He fixates on the fact that she’s a virgin and uses it to his advantage. Georgie doesn’t seem to mind though as having sex with Travis seems to be something she’s dreamed about since she was young, considering she’s had a crush on him since then.

The sex scenes are stupid wild. Travis talking dirty with Georgie is probably some of the most eye-rolling scenes I’ve ever come across. It doesn’t help that he calls her “baby girl” as it adds this extra level of ~yuck~ to everything. Also, they have sex in a baseball dugout! Like what the hell!! Not even logical at all, I am FLOORED. Then they have sex in a limousine WHILE THE DRIVER TAKES THEM HOME. I’m sorry but this is just WILD AND DUMB. Sadly I can’t take anyone in this book seriously (not sure if it’s because Georgie is literally a CLOWN for her job).

So sad I wasted my time on this book. Just ugh.

Next up is a book that everyone seems to be raving about. I loved Rogerson’s first book, so I was so excited to get my hands on her next one and read it. Again… Oh no!

My rating:sorcery of thorns
new two and a half stars or new three stars

Unfortunately, I still don’t quite know where exactly to land with this book. The audiobook narrator did a really good job, I have to say.  The concept sounded so good, a girl living in a library but there’s also a sword on the cover—cool! Yet…somewhat poorly executed, unfortunately.

The whole bit with Elisabeth and Ashcroft really got dull and I even got a bit lost trying to figure out what exactly the main plot was. Nathaniel reminded me a bit of Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle, and I liked his snarky comments. However, the romance between him and Elisabeth fell flat. I did like that we, like Elisabeth, aren’t quite sure how to interpret Silas. He’s a demon but we really forget that until 3/4th of the way through and then I’m back to recoiling again, which makes me confused about the ending.

Also if you’re really tall, apparently you have a lot of strength because it’s mentioned almost all the time about Elisabeth.

I wanted to like this more but sadly, I didn’t. 😦

And finally…

Empire of SandMy rating:
new two and a half stars

I admit I’ve had this book on my shelf since… last year? Anyway, I recently saw some more hype about it on Twitter and how it had a slow burn romance (which I’m all about), so of course I had to pick it up THAT INSTANCE.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t completely enamored like I thought I would be. This book draaaaaaaaged, with the most action taking place in the last few chapters. I liked the slow burn romance between Mehr and Amun, which saved this book from getting 2 stars. The world-building was fine, the cult-like vibes from the Maha and the world he has built around himself and what Mehr is thrust into was creepy. The internal struggle Mehr faces with her two heritages was also interesting, and I was able to relate to this. However, I was not fully engrossed and eventually just read this so I could simply be done with it.

I’m crossing my fingers for the next couple of books I read in hopes they’ll be good.

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8 thoughts on “Recent Disappointing Reads (+ Mini Reviews #2)

  1. hollylovesbooks says:

    I’m really excited to read sorcery of thorns hopefully I like it more than you did 😬. I agree with you on empire of sand, I was disappointed with that one. Haven’t read fix her up yet but it wasn’t something I was really interested in just one I had seen around. Great post/reviews. 😊


  2. Molly's Book Nook says:

    I really liked Sorcery of Thorns but I do agree that the romance was pretty flat. I didn’t like that part of it at all and Nathaniel was kind of a pointless character, really. If it wasn’t for Silas, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it. But overall, I did think it was a fun book. I’m sorry you didn’t like either of these! Hopefully your next one is better 🙂

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