Top 10 Tuesday: Books I’m Avoiding Reading and Why

A weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Wait. You’re telling me I have to talk about the books I keep pushing aside for other books?

Here’s the thing: sometimes books have so much hype that I’m afraid when I read them, it won’t live up to the hype and I will be disappointed. It’s happened before, but I don’t like when it does, lol. I know I don’t have to like every book I read.

I know I’ve had these books on my shelves for at least a year or more. I’ve heard good and bad things about all of them. I think my problem is they just get pushed to the back of my mind since so many books released every month. I have hope I’ll get to them, though.

I guess I’m just afraid of really popular books?

Turns out I’m hesitant to read another series by an author whose previous series I didn’t like. And I’m afraid I may not conclusions of books?! Also, the one random NA romance book (The Hating Game) which I’ve fairly certain I’ve checked out from the library but never got around to reading it so… Yeah. I’m a mess. My TBR is a mess. Everything is wild.

Tell me some books you’ve been avoiding as well! And why? Are you like me and just afraid of the hype?! LOL

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Books I’m Avoiding Reading and Why

  1. Sahi says:

    Haha I have a list of these too… some are due to hype, but others I’m scared to read because of their content …
    I loved King of Scars and Shadow of the Fox from your list… The Hating Game, not so much …
    Hope you love them whenever you decide to read 😊😊😊

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