My Most Recent Audiobooks (+ Mini Reviews #3)

I feel like it’s been a bit since I did some reviews, and you know, I sometimes don’t actually say whether or not a book I review is an audiobook (until the wrap-up, that is.)

Anyway, I’m in the confident crowd who states without a doubt that audiobooks definitely counts as reading (anyone who says otherwise can fight me). To be honest they’ve been a huge life saver when it comes to helping me reach my Goodreads goal. Anytime I’m in the care, I’m usually listening to an audiobook (or jamming out to BTS, depends on my mod, LOL).

GeekerellaMy rating:
new four and a half stars

Narrators: Eileen Stevens as Elle & Tristan Morris as Darien

This audiobook came as a pleasant surprise. I downloaded it as a “filler” while I was waiting on a couple of other audiobooks I had on hold. While it took me a while to get into the male narrator’s voice, I enjoyed the book overall.

Not only is it a wonderful Cinderella retelling, it is a love letter to the fandom and con culture, and never feeling sorry for loving the things you love. I admit that it was so frustrating at times but only because of the “Cinderella” aspect and Elle’s step-mother being absolutely horrible. I really wonder how in the world Elle’s dad married her in the first place.

Capturing the DevilMy rating:
new four stars

Narrator: Nicola Barber as Audrey Rose

I listened to the first three books in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series as audiobooks, so I felt like I would do myself a disservice by not finishing off the series that way.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book since Escaping from Houdini wasn’t my favorite. I really wanted this book to redeem the series for me, and I’m glad to say it did. (Not that the series wasn’t wholly good, but it’s been a roller coaster to say the least.)

There’s a really good romance subplot, and that alone is gold for this book. But it did a good job balancing the mystery and the romance.

LegendMy rating:
new four stars

Narrators: Mariel Stern as June & Steven Kaplan

This book was such a pleasure to re-read. I initially thought I would be able to go into Rebel without rereading the original trilogy, but I hardly remember what happened.

Man, have I forgotten a lot. I mean, I remember the essential stuff but I just love rediscovering the beginning of June and Day’s relationship. Also, can I just say how fun it is to have a book where the dog has the same name as your own? 😂

This book is fast-paced. I’ve enjoyed Marie’s work for so long I forgot that Legend was her debut. I think it’s still really well-written. The world-building is good, though there’s some details left wanting but it’s a series, so we have a lot of time to explore that.

All right!

Do y’all listen to audiobooks? If so, what are some of your favorite ones?

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