December ’19 Wrap-up & Book Haul (+ Unhaul #4)

Hello, friends! We made it to 2020! 😱 I jumped a little ahead of the game by posting my favorite reads and disappointing reads of 2019 last week, especially since I didn’t post this December wrap-up and book haul. But it’s here now!

I had 1.5 weeks off toward the end of December, which really helped me read 8 books since I had a lot of downtime.

The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams – ★★★★
Dark of the West (reread) by Joanna Hathaway (audiobook) – ★★★★
This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills – ★★
The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross (audiobook) – ★★
Reverie by Ryan La Sala (ARC) – ★★★
Tweet Cute by Emma Lord (eARC) – ★★★★
Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman (e-book) – ★★★
Lovely War by Julie Berry – ★★★★

I was so looking forward to This Adventure Ends because I really enjoyed Mills’ First & Then. Alas, it didn’t pan out the way I thought it would. As for The Queen’s Rising I’ve had that book on my shelf for…almost a year. I decided to give the audiobook a try but that was a major disappointment. The narrator wasn’t good, and I couldn’t get pass the major age gap between the main character and her love interest.

Now, I only hauled ONE book for the month of December! Yay, me! I know this may come as a surprise to y’all but…

an ember in the ashes 2

I bought the Barnes and Noble exclusive collector’s edition of An Ember in the Ashes! Not only does this cover match the third book, but there’s some bonus things too! The book is signed by the author, there’s some cool fanart, annotated chapters by the author, and a secret letter pertaining to some of the characters! I meant to buy it when it first released, but I never had the chance.

Initially, I went to Barnes and Noble because there was a 50% off sale going on with some books, but I think the B&N near me either didn’t have a lot for sale to begin with or ran out quickly. Regardless I ended up walking out with this beauty and I don’t regret it at all.

I’m still crossing my fingers there will be a special edition of A Torch Against the Night!

I am very slowly chipping away at reading the books on my shelves before I buy new ones. But lately I’m always unhauling books that I’ve simply lost interest in. Here are some of them:

Let’s hope 2020 is the year I get through the books on my shelf and feel like I can start fresh again!

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