ARC Review: “Diamond City” by Francesca Flores

I won a free ARC in a giveaway from Goodreads!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets really excited about a book, fortune shines down upon her so much that she won an ARC, and then you read it and you’re like… Well, okay then. Alas, that was me with Diamond City. I really liked the whole idea of the book, but I think this is a moment where it’s not the book, it’s me.

Content warning: Addiction, substance abuse, self-harm (The magic system includes blood magic, meaning a character has to harm themselves in order to use magic.)

Diamond CityTitle: Diamond City (Diamond City #1)
Author: Francesca Flores
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Expected release date: January 28, 2020
Genre: Young adult, fantasy
Length: 400 pages (hardcover)
Synopsis: (via Goodreads) “Fierce and ambitious, Aina Solís as sharp as her blade and as mysterious as the blood magic she protects. After the murder of her parents, Aina takes a job as an assassin to survive and finds a new family in those like her: the unwanted and forgotten.

Her boss is brutal and cold, with a questionable sense of morality, but he provides a place for people with nowhere else to go. And makes sure they stay there.

DIAMOND CITY: built by magic, ruled by tyrants, and in desperate need of saving. It is a world full of dark forces and hidden agendas, old rivalries and lethal new enemies.

To claim a future for herself in a world that doesn’t want her to survive, Aina will have to win a game of murder and conspiracy—and risk losing everything.

Full of action, romance and dark magic, book one of Francesca Flores’ breathtaking fantasy duology will leave readers eager for more!“

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new my thoughts

plot text
Diamond City is an action-packed, keep you on the edge of your seat fantasy read. It weaves stories of immigrants, the rich and the poor, and a corrupt government. So…basically what we experience in real life, and I liked that the author pulled these concrete elements into her story. With the plot being so fast-paced, there were moments I wish the characters would just breathe. We’re running and struggling with the characters, but for me, there aren’t enough moments of deep thinking and analysis of internal struggle. I really wanted everyone to slow down for a second and even give me time to think about things.

The storyline around Aina and her boss, Kohl, was just…okay. I liked that she wanted to prove herself but it became a little overbearing when she kept wanting to prove herself to him as a way to pay him back for taking her in. I rolled my eyes a bit at this. I wanted more time spent on this particular element of the story as I didn’t feel a connection between Aina and Kohl and her developing somewhat romantic feelings for him. It felt out of the blue.

Aina is a trained assassin but again… I simply wasn’t convinced of this. We get flashbacks of her training with Kohl and how she “rose” to be his assassin but… I don’t know. I think I struggle with assassin storylines in general. I do expect them to be cold-blooded killers (let’s be serious here), and Aina has a softness about her, something her assassin training hasn’t destroyed, which I definitely like. She’s loyal and protective of those few people she cares about. I am glad that she eventually comes around and realizes Kohl doesn’t deserve anything from her.

writing style text
While I enjoyed the world-building, I also found aspects of it a bit confusing. There is a lot going on in terms of world-building, and I think a map would have helped me. I’m not sure there will be one in the finished copy, but I sure hope so. Diamond City itself is so immersive and with civil wars, immigrants have flooded the city, so we have a lot of countries mentioned. I hope most of them come into play in the next book, so the readers have a firmer grasp on the world as a whole.

I did find some of the fighting scenes a bit repetitive and somewhat hard to follow. But I basically just remember she’s killing a bunch of people so… That helped me get past that, lol.

Anyway, like I said, while there are a lot of good things about this book and I definitely think many people will enjoy it, it simply wasn’t for me. Sometimes I feel weird for saying that because the intended audience is young adult, which I am no longer. This simply came down to “It’s not you, it’s me” thing.

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