Top 10 Tuesday: Upcoming Books with Covers I Love (+1 I Don’t…)


A weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Today’s Top 10 Tuesday is a book cover freebie, so I decided to focus on recent book cover reveals I’m totally in love with it. Like… I already have the book on my TBR but the cover just makes me so excited.

Releasing in May, June, and July, respectively, I love how these covers vary. The detail on the swords on House of Dragons! The colors and pure joy of I’ll Be the One! The details and the colors (again!!!) on Unravel the Dusk!

Apparently I have a thing for people on book covers! I love the unique (and some signature!) styles of all of these. I don’t think Charlie Bowater can do a horrible book cover (besides Star Daughter, she also did both Aurora Rising and Aurora Burning, along with The Bone Crier’s Moon and so many I’m no doubt forgetting). I love how whimsical Recommended for You looks as well. I didn’t even have it on my radar until I saw the cover reveal a few weeks go and read the description!

The fact that Kerri Maniscalco is writing another historical fiction novel really is *chef’s kiss*! I just can’t wait! And the cover is so spooky and creepy! Like I’m not even a spooky or creepy person but I am here for this book! And omg, I gasped when I saw the cover of K-pop Confidential. Like how had I not heard of the book until I saw the cover reveal?! I very recently added The Golden Fury to my TBR when I saw the cover reveal campaign on Instagram. It’s a historical fantasy novel that takes place before the French Revolution and the main character and her mother try to create the Philosopher’s Stone. Yes! Omg!

Okay… Now here’s a cover I absolutely do not love. I won’t go into the reasons why I dislike it but… I feel like the publisher did the author dirty with this cover.

Glitch Kingdom

My initial reaction:

Usagi confused

Wait… Is this…real?

When I realized it was indeed the actual cover:

crying usagi

This is a book that I hope gets a paperback redesign. The synopsis sounds really good and tugs at my gamer girl heart but… Yikes, the cover!

What about y’all? Any covers you absolutely love…or don’t? Let me know in the comments!

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