Top 10 Tuesday: Books That Remind Me of Summer


A weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Technically the prompt is “Books That Give Off Summer Vibes” but I figure this small change doesn’t make much of a difference. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve read all these books but the covers alone make me think it could be about summer. 😛 (And some of these actually take place during summer!)

Anything with ice cream really does remind me of summer, lol. (Which is funny because I eat ice cream regardless of the seasons!)

I actually have both of these books but haven’t read them yet. 🤫

I just want to note that all these covers are so colorful! Camps, cons, contests, and food trucks!

Well Met isn’t YA, but it takes place during a Renaissance festival which also just scream summer to me because the always take place during the warmer months since they’re always outside!

The other book covers just seem so carefree, and I feel like during summer people let go of some of their inhibitions. I think it’s just the shedding of the cold season into the warmer months.

What books remind you of summer? Leave a link to your T10T below and I’ll check it out!

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