Favorite and Disappointing Books of 2020 (+ 2021 Reading Goal)

We’re basically halfway through January already. How weird. 2021 feels like an out-of-body experience, lol.

Anyway, that’s not the reason you came to my blog. 🤣 I love doing monthly wrap-ups, so an entire yearly one just sounds like loads of fun. It’s a good way for me to take a step back and really see how much I did read and enjoy in the previous year.

Favorite Reads of 2020

The below books are ones I rated 4.5 or higher on Goodreads.

I also re-read a few of my favorite books this year, but since they were re-reads I chose not to include them on this list.

Disappointing Reads of 2020

These books are ones I’ve rated 2.5 or less on Goodreads.

Wow… Okay, I did not realize I disliked so many books this year. Even though I read 97, these 17 books seems like a lot…for me at least! 😳 Maybe I was a bit harsher rating books last year than I’ve been in the past–I don’t know, lol. Here’s hoping 2021 doesn’t have this many disappointments. 🤣🤣

2021 Reading Goal

I set my Goodreads reading goal at 95 books. In 2019 and 2020, I read 97 each year. With that in mind, I figured 95 was a good goal. I’ve tried to aim for 100 the past two years as well, but that hasn’t worked out.

If you write a post like this, please leave the link in the comments. I’d love to know if we share any books in common!

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