Top 10 Tuesday: Spring Cleaning (the TBR)

A weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

And by spring cleaning I really mean reading the books on my TBR! I feel like a lot of books that recently released (or are releasing) are finales in series and I’ve become the type of person who wants to reread the previous books so I’m not completely at a lost. I did that last year with An Ember in the Ashes quartet and it was a very good decision, lol.

Can we pause a moment to admire these covers? They’re really gorgeous! A Vow So Bold and Deadly released in January, and I’m at the point where I enjoy the series so much I want–need?!–to reread the first two books before starting the conclusion.

The author has a new book releasing in September 2021 titled “Once Upon a Broken Heart” that has a character from the Caraval series. But really I’m also rereading the series but I never read Finale. Oops.

Okay, maybe this post should really just be “Books I’m Going to Reread so I Can Read the Final Book in the Series”! LOL

To be quite honest, this is a bit of ambitious “TBR Cleaning.” But a big surprise to me is that I actually had to write down a TBR so the next couple of months, so I think this might be manageable. We’ll see, lol!

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