September Wrap-Up & Book Haul!

Well, I surprised myself in September by reading more books than I thought I did! I can’t necessarily be mad at that considering lately, I’ve been a semi-reading slump and it feels so weird. But in terms of a book haul, I did fairly well. I’ve put myself on a rather strict ban due to ~adulting~. October may not be as kind as September though. 😅

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June 2017 Book Haul and Wrap-Up!

I think I say this often, but I never really know how many books I buy until I stack them all together for a book haul IG pic or to write a post like this. Well, it hasn’t been too bad this month, and I’m really trying to keep the book hauls on the lower number side since my shelves are starting to get way out of hand. But…what’s new there? Haha.

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May 2017 Book Haul & Wrap-up!

May was a slow month for me. I’m not complaining, trust me. A while ago, I stopped posting on my bookstagram every day, which relieved me to no end. I feel as if I can finally enjoy that community again without the pressures of competing against bigger, better accounts. Anyway, that’s it’s own story.

Because of that, I’ve read a little slower and didn’t buy as many books. Well, that isn’t really the main reason… Most of it stems from ~adulting~ (I mean, I just paid hundreds of dollars to get brand new tires for my car! Bleh!) and saving for vacation next month since I’ll be on summer break.

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January 2017 Wrap-up & Book haul!

I don’t know why I don’t do more of these blog posts more often… I think I may have started but for some reason or whatever, I never continued… 😛

I turned 28 in January, meaning I gave myself free reign to buy whatever books I wanted. Within financial limits, of course. We saw some amazing book releases in January, and it’s only the beginning of year with 11 more months of amazing books! 😮

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July’s Book Haul, Books Read, & August’s TBR!

I don’t think I’ve done a book haul or a TBR in a while and I’m nearly positive I haven’t done a “books read” for a certain month. Since I haven’t finished my current read in time to post a review, I thought I’d just shake things up a bit. XD

I’m so proud of myself for reading the books on my shelf. It sounds silly but the library and all the new books that have come out over the past few months haven’t given me a chance to read the books I actually own! And I’m actually trying to read books on my shelf so I can sift through them and determine which ones are worth keeping and others…not.

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Late May book haul!

Ah, okay, so I should really start making monthly book hauls. I tell myself not to buy any more books but it’s hard to resist going into any store, seeing something you want, and then not buy it. Besides…it’s there…and it’s 50% off? I mean, c’mon. We all know I love deals. 😀 But even more so when it comes to books!

One of my favorite book stores (Half-Price Books) was having a Memorial Day sale of 20% off your entire purchase. Hastings also had a Memorial Day sale where if you buy 1 used book, you got 2 for $1 each. I mean, I couldn’t resist that really and I just found some great deals! It was a great weekend for books! 🙂 (I mean, what’s not a great weekend for books, really?)

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