#NTTBF19 – North Texas Teen Book Festival 2019

This festival has become my one and only for the past few years. It’s the closest one to me, outside of the Oklahoma Teen Book Con, which takes place every two years. (I volunteered for the inaugural one in 2017!)

The North Texas Teen Book Festival (or NTTBF for short) boasts over 70 authors, a day filled with panels, giveaways from publishers, and thousands upon thousands of people crammed into a single Saturday starting at 8 AM to about 5 PM. It’s fun and exhilarating.

You can check out my previous NTTBF posts here:

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2018 Houston Teen Book Con (& more)!

Hey, all! I meant to write this post earlier but then got…distracted. 😅

For the first time I attended the Teen Book Con in the greater Houston area during my spring break. It was a 7+ hour trip in the car, so kudos to my husband for driving the entire time and dealing with all that traffic! 🙃 Besides being a spring break trip, this was actually my husband’s birthday gift to me. I had such a great time, too, so I’m really glad I had the chance to attend.

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1st Annual Oklahoma Teen Book Con!

I am always and forever late posting recaps of these events, but hey, something is better than nothing, right?! (Or maybe that’s what I keep telling myself? Haha.)

Anyway! Oklahoma hosted its very first teen book con (festival?!) a few weeks ago, and so of course I was crazy excited! And then even more so when Maggie Stiefvater’s book tour for All the Crooked Saints would stop at the con! Was it possible that I could meet one of my favorite authors for the second time in the same year? The answer was yes! Haha.

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North Texas Teen Book Festival 2017

This is the second year a row that I’ve had the change to attend the North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving, TX, which is a small suburb of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I enjoy the DFW area every time I visit. The past two years I’ve managed to find a hotel mere minutes away from where the convention is actually held, which makes me happy. 🙂

This year, the festival had over 80 (!!!) MG and YA authors, and I was overjoyed to see that many authors I admired would be there! Another great thing about the festival this year is that they had publishing houses there, so that means Epic Reads, Fierce Reads, and Penguin’s First in Line was also there. It was such a fun experience, and I felt like a true book blogger because I managed to snag some ARCs from the tables. 🙂

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#NTTBF16 – North Texas Teen Book Festival

I survived my first book festival! You might have heard me talking about this thing for the past view weeks called the North Texas Teen Book Festival. I mean, just look at that author list? And the panels? Could one even resist? Goodness, I couldn’t! And let me tell you that if I could run around with all those middle schoolers and high schoolers, you can too! But of course, there were such a variety of ages that it made me less anxious about loving YA. 🙂

I went to some awesome panels which included some of my favorite authors (I basically stalked some authors because I just happened to go to most of their panels because they all sounded so interesting!), and I got some of my favorite books signed! It was such a blast and I learned a lot as a reader and a writer. The authors offered great advice and it was overall a fun day!

I also realized that I don’t know how to speak around famous people. The awkward introvert side of me comes out and I just sound like a blubbering fool. XD

Prepare for pictures!

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