May 2017 Book Haul & Wrap-up!

May was a slow month for me. I’m not complaining, trust me. A while ago, I stopped posting on my bookstagram every day, which relieved me to no end. I feel as if I can finally enjoy that community again without the pressures of competing against bigger, better accounts. Anyway, that’s it’s own story.

Because of that, I’ve read a little slower and didn’t buy as many books. Well, that isn’t really the main reason… Most of it stems from ~adulting~ (I mean, I just paid hundreds of dollars to get brand new tires for my car! Bleh!) and saving for vacation next month since I’ll be on summer break.

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Review: “Daughter of the Pirate King” by Tricia Levenseller

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I think I’ve said this for a few other books I’ve read lately, but it’s true! I’m not into pirates, so I wasn’t super intrigued by “pirate books.” There were also mixed reviews for this book, but like I said, such a surprise at how much I liked it! I checked it out from the library, but I’ll definitely add this one to my personal library.

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