ARC Review: “The Bird and the Blade” by Megan Bannen

Very rarely do I give any book a 1-star rating. I think I don’t even give 1 stars to books I dislike and DNF. Now this one I finished and still gave a 1 star to, which is really telling for me as a reader. Truthfully, I had high hopes for this book, but everything slowly unraveled to become a book I will not recommend to others.

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide — This trigger warning is a spoiler for the book. With that being said, please know that from this point forward, my review will not be spoiler-free.

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DNF ARC Review: “My Name Is Victoria” by Lucy Worsley

First off, thanks to NetGalley and Candlewick Press for giving me a free, digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

Initially, I was very excited for this book. I like historical fictional, especially Regency and Victorian, and Queen Victoria is one of my favorite British monarchs. So when I read the synopsis for this book, I was intrigued. If you’ve read anything about Queen Victoria, you know how controlling John Conroy was when she was younger. But not one biography I’ve read (or maybe I just don’t remember reading?) mentions Conroy’s daughter, also named Victoria, and how she became the future queen’s childhood companion.

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Review: “The Dark Days Pact” by Alison Goodman

When I finished The Dark Days Club a few weeks ago, I checked my local library for this book, its sequel. I was so relieved to see it available so I instantly put a hold on it! I brought this book with me while I was on vacation (I should write a post about that…). It held me over on the long drive (Husband drove, don’t worry ^_^), and when I returned home, I devoured the book. Now I just want book 3!

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Review: “The Valiant” by Lesley Livingston

Well, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by this book. I mean, I had a feeling I would like it, and so while reading this book, I remembered how much I enjoy reading historical fiction that has to do with ancient Rome. (Perhaps this is because I took Latin in college and my professor was one of the THE coolest professors with a wealth of knowledge about this era.) It also had that forbidden romance trope is like the THING for me, and I’ll read almost every book with that trope in it. 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time putting my thoughts in coherent words, and I think that’s why I’ve delayed writing a review for it for a long time now, lol.

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