#NTTBF19 – North Texas Teen Book Festival 2019

This festival has become my one and only for the past few years. It’s the closest one to me, outside of the Oklahoma Teen Book Con, which takes place every two years. (I volunteered for the inaugural one in 2017!)

The North Texas Teen Book Festival (or NTTBF for short) boasts over 70 authors, a day filled with panels, giveaways from publishers, and thousands upon thousands of people crammed into a single Saturday starting at 8 AM to about 5 PM. It’s fun and exhilarating.

You can check out my previous NTTBF posts here:

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Non-bookish Post #2: Life!

Okay, so semi-monthly non-bookish posts are okay, right? I’ll just file this under my “random” category. 🙂

I always find it refreshing to see who is behind the screen. I feel a deeper connection with them so…here I am! I won’t be offended if you completely ignore this post but hey, I hope you don’t. 😛

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