Recent Disappointing Reads (+ Mini Reviews #2)

Well, this is something else. If you don’t like to read negative reviews, I suggest you turn away now. 😛 No one is sadder than I am for not liking these books, especially since a lot of people I follow raved about them. Alas!

Also, there may be spoilers so… You’ve been warned!

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Review: “An Enchantment of Ravens” by Margaret Rogerson

Wow, oh wow, was I pleasantly surprised by this gem of a book. I have to admit that I’m not immediately drawn to stories involving Fae, as there’s a 50/50 change I’ll either like it or hate it. But I was waiting for some audiobooks from the library and An Enchantment of Ravens popped up in my head. I’ve heard some people rave about it while others didn’t really like it. I figured I ought to take the plunge myself and it’s safe to say… I really enjoyed it!

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