Top 10 Tuesday: First 10 Books I Reviewed


A weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Now this is definitely a throwback! I’m going all the back to the reviews I posted on Goodreads, before I even considered starting a blog! Let’s see how cringe-y these reviews actually are. 😛

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A few of my favorite things… (Part 3)

I rarely talk about classics. I love classics. I mean, I majored in English when I was in college, how can I not love the classics?

I’m prone to British literature (is that a surprise?) so I’ve read my fair amount of it but I stick with a lot of female authors during this time period so no, I haven’t read Dickens or Trollope. (Gasp!) But in my head I keep telling myself, “Eventually” but that just hasn’t happened yet. XD

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