May ’19 Wrap-up and Book Haul!

Goodbye, May and hello, June! We’re basically halfway through the year already! 😱

May was a pretty chill month for me in terms of the book-buying and hauls. I had a lot of personal things to take care of in May, so buying books was really just on the back burner. I think that’ll be the same for the rest of the summer, to be honest. I’m not upset about it because some things just take priority over my hobbies. 🙂

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Review: “Nyxia” by Scott Reintgen

This sci-fi is definitely one of those “quiet YA” books–one that is good but flies under the radar of most people and drowned out by books by popular authors. To be honest, this book had been on my mind even before I met the author a few weeks ago but I finally decided to read it (okay, okay, I listened to it via audiobook but whatever!), and I enjoyed it!

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