Non-bookish Post #10: New, new, new!

Wow, how is it already November? I felt like these last few weeks have gone by so so so quickly–almost like I don’t have a moment to stop and breathe. Well, I know this isn’t a book review or anything book-related, but that’s only because I wanted to update y’all on my life! I mean, people care about that, right? Or do y’all just want everything book-related? Well… too late!

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January 2017 Wrap-up & Book haul!

I don’t know why I don’t do more of these blog posts more often… I think I may have started but for some reason or whatever, I never continued… 😛

I turned 28 in January, meaning I gave myself free reign to buy whatever books I wanted. Within financial limits, of course. We saw some amazing book releases in January, and it’s only the beginning of year with 11 more months of amazing books! 😮

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Favorite Reads of 2016…so far! (Part 1)

Well, we’re halfway through 2016 (can you believe it?!) so I thought I’d take some time to reflect/fangirl/squee over some of my favorite reads of this year. My goal this year is 65 books and I’m already 69% done, meaning I’ve read 45 books! What?! I’ll be sure to set my goal higher next year… 😉

I knew this was going to be fun but little did I know how stressful it would be also because…I mean, I’ve read some great books so far but how to just pick a few?! Decisions, decisions!

To pick a favorite, I had to have fallen head over heels in love with the book–with nearly everything about it, from its characters, the world building, writing, concept, articulation, etc. Needless to say, there were some touch decisions to make but…I did it! Hooray! I rated these book 4+ stars on Goodreads if that helps you at all about whether you should read the below books… 😀

(I ended up splitting this into two posts because man, I rated a fair amount of books at 4 or more stars. Haha.)

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